Members Hot Reports for June

by Mike Carey, June 07, 2021

Welcome to our new monthly featured, Members Hot Reports. Each month we’ll look back at some of the great reports members of NWFR have posted. It’s a great way for you to see what locations are heating up and find some new places to fish and explore you may not have heard about. While you’re at it we encourage you to sign up at and start posting reports. Every week we are giving away great prizes including VISA cash cards! Just post a report on our web site, include a picture, and you’re entered to win!

Here then are some reports that caught my eye:

Lake Stevens in King county – it’s been a good spring kokanee season for anglers fishing Lake Stevens. Plenty of fish, reports are they a ranging in that 10-12” size class typical for this westside kokanee lake. The key most are reporting is to hit the water early – daybreak has always been importance for this lake. Here’s a report for NWFR member Ben Eggertsen with more information.

Stevens Lake Report, Snohomish County, WA - NWFR (

*Power User Tip – there is a link on each fishing that allows you to go see ALL the reports for that location. “View all reports for this location”. It’s a quick and easy way to scan through all member reports!

Cascade Lake in San Juan County – what a beautiful destination to go fishing! Hop on a ferry and take the scenic ride to the island, fish from shore or a boat, there’s always good action reports from member CarpMouth. The San Juans are a special place and fresh water fishing is an often over-looked option. Carpmouth’s Report:

Cascade Lake Report, San Juan County, WA - NWFR (

Clear Lake in Pierce County – This longtime member Toni’s “home waters” and she knows it well. In this report she lets everyone know the trout action is hot! Toni is always generous with her report information and often includes videos and “Hotspots”. Hotspots are pinned locations on a map that you can copy and use to start fishing on a body of water you’ve never been to before. It’s a great tool!

Clear Lake Report, Pierce County, WA - NWFR (

*Power User Tip – Just like locations, on each fishing report there is a link that takes you to that fishing locations Charts and Data. Use it to get even more detailed information about a new location!

Riffe Lake in Lewis county – The word here is “silvers”- not kokanee, rather, land-locked coho salmon that WDFW plant. There is a lot of them and there are some nice fish to be had! Ranging 11-15” they can be caught trolling from a boat. Even better, there is shoreline access by the dam that allows anglers to fish from shore. The preferred method is a slip bobber to a hook with salad shrimp on it. Perfect for the kids and plenty of action to keep them interested! One word of caution to boat anglers, the reservoir is very low currently and the launch is a long backup to get to the water. Bring patience and caution when you come to Riffe.

Riffe Lake Report, Lewis County, WA - NWFR (

Rock Lake in Whitman county – some nice reports came in on the brown trout action at Rock. This lake is a boating lake only with very limited shore access. The launch itself is rough and there are underwater pinnacles that can come up make for a bad day with you prop so caution is required. But the rewards can be well worth it!

Rock Lake Report, Whitman County, WA - NWFR (

Fish Lake in Spokane county - I don’t even know what to say about this monster trout that NWFR member RussellFrick caught – except – WOW! Eleven pounds and twenty eight inches, amazing!

Fish Lake Report, Spokane County, WA - NWFR (

Lake Chelan in Chelan County – not exactly a secret here… kokanee action is solid, and the fish are being generally reported as bigger than last year. Remember a few years ago when we were catching 16-19” kokanee? Maybe we are on the road back to big fish. Meanwhile, 11-13”. Don’t forget the excellent year-round laker fishery. Yakhusker’s report is one of many:

Chelan Lake Report, Chelan County, WA - NWFR (

*Power User Tip – when you sign up as a member you can select locations to receive e-mail alerts when a report comes in. It’s a great way to keep on top of reports from your favorite locations!

There are plenty more great fishing reports on NWFR so be sure to check back often. I hope you have a fun and productive month of fishing and I’ll see you next month with more great member fishing reports.


6/12/2021 8:23:37 AM
Thanks Mike for including me in your first Hot Reports. Been with WA Lakes/NWFishing since the beginning and love to learn about happy fishermen everywhere.
Bay wolf
7/10/2021 3:26:48 PM
Hey Mike, Been awhile since I have been able to fish, and am happy to be back in the action. I'm please to see this great board even more popular and filled with awesome people and information. Great idea this "Hot Reports" as it gives us some mile markers. Heck, I was even able to make a that is news!
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