Hearty Food and Legendary Milkshakes

by Hillary Holman, July 21, 2021

Good Eats in the NW - Clarks Restaurant

Hey Everybody! It’s me, Hillary. As many of you know, I travel the roads with Northwest Fishing Reports looking for places that make this place home. Let me guide you to some of the hidden gems I have found along the way.

Salmon season is here! Hwy 101 is calling out from this nostalgic restaurant known as Clarks. It is nestled in at mile marker 76. Along this famous scenic Hwy you will definitely be struck with hunger between the long stretches of Giant Douglas Fir trees and this is the perfect place to stop. These giants tend to shield your cell service, so mapping out your route is essential in finding this fantastic place to eat.

I found Clarks nestled between Hoquiam and Ilwaco in Cosmopolis, Washington. Driving up I immediately noticed the unique old fashioned ice cream sign that let us to an old building stone and wood. On the right side of the building sits a lovely vegetable garden, stock full of tasty vegis to eat. There are unique picnic tables out front to sit and enjoy the homemade ice-cream they make here. As I entered this beautiful handcrafted building I was transported back in time. A time when grandma stoked the fire before she put the biscuits in. The smell old fashioned cooking greeted me at the door.

The Patty Melt

Personally, I have been on a quest to find the best patty melt this side of the Rocky Mountains. And this place delivers! The patty melt speaks volumes. At Clarks the Rye bread is true to tradition flavored with caraway seeds and toasted to perfection. A simple Dijon mustard was carefully smeared to the edge of the bread. The patty was homemade and seasoned right. The grilled onions are something my mother would be proud of. I added grilled mushrooms and was not disappointed. The cheese was melted perfectly. I could taste the care put into this sandwich.

The B&G

My husband ordered the Biscuits and Gravy. This is hardy food territory and Clarks served up a Titan of a B&G. Now, I have never seen a biscuit look more delicious in my life. On appearance, it looks a bit like a giant piece of fluffy shortbread, smothered in smooth creamy white gravy with big chunks of meat mixed in. The sausages served alongside were a welcomed size and flavor. The young lady who served us was cheerful and personally set out to keep my coffee cup full.

This was just what Rob and I needed after a long fishing trip off the Washington coast. This eatery fuels hard work and the soul. They put together a good balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein needed for long days outside. It’s no wonder why Clarks restaurant has repeatedly been voted one of the Best Of Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay year after year.

The Scuttlebutt-

This is a favorite spot by so many. Mario from Grays Harbor Unders in Hoquiam agrees, “When you go to Clarks it is a known destination. The food is always good. When you leave you are more than satisfied and know full well that you will be back again. You look forward to it.”

“Their milkshakes are legendary.” I hear their cinnamon rolls are a must take item to go.

Set among Giants of trees and winding curves of the 101, this place is a must try destination!

Where: Clarks Restaurant
Coordinates: Latitude-46.878164 Longitude--123.64539
Region: SW Washington (Lower Left)
Hwy: 101
Mile Marker: 76
731 US Highway 101, Cosmopolis, WA 98537
(360) 538-1487


#1 – Clarks has a classic charm and inviting entrance
#2 – Nestled at mile marker 76 on Hwy 101
#3 – The best patty melt this side of the Rocky Mountains
#4 - Their milkshakes are legendary


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