July Hot Fishing Reports

by Mike Carey, July 22, 2021

Hot Fishing Reports from NWFR Members

I always enjoy going back and finding the reports from our NWFR members that really stand out. So much amazing information freely shared – it’s what NWFR is all about! I hope these reports will inspire you to join NWFR and share your fishing adventures. It’s all about giving back to the community of anglers in the Pacific Northwest. Joining is easy, just click on Login” link on the upper right corner of our website at northwestfishingreports.com.

Flowing Lake - this is one of those smaller lakes that can easily get overlooked – Washington is blessed with a lot of them. Hot rainbow action for NWFR member clarkbre and his kids. It’s awesome to see kids getting out and fishing. The future of our sport is our kids! http://www.northwestfishingreports.com/reports/details/60539

Riffe Lake – despite the low water levels anglers are getting out on this popular SW Washington reservoir and finding good action for land-locked coho and triploid trout. And yes, we know there are no kokanee in Riffe Lake. A shiny coho is a nice substitute though! http://www.northwestfishingreports.com/reports/details/60541

Alder Lake – Another neglected destination in the greater south Puget Sound region, this report from Widgeonmangh includes a cool video. The hot depth was 37 feet on downriggers, NTO Scent Spinners 2.0 in the pink ice and blue ice were the top producers. This member reports great action and “they ate so well”! http://www.northwestfishingreports.com/reports/details/60549

Have you ever fished for shad? If not, you’re missing out. The action can be crazy and these fish put up a great fight. In this report from NWFR member nerka nailer details what worked for him - a 1/16th oz green and chartreuse dart. There’s also a video to watch on NWFR so check it out. The run is tapering down but there’ still time… http://www.northwestfishingreports.com/reports/details/60559
Here’s a saltwater action report for area 11 from NWFR’s own rseas. His reports are always full of detailed information that will help you get on the fish. To quote Randy “The Marine Area 11 opener was awesome with a side of awesome! “. That works for me… http://www.northwestfishingreports.com/reports/details/60566

It’s been a good season overall for resident coho in Puget Sound. We’ve gotten numerous good reports from our members. Resident coho are a fun fish to target while waiting for their bigger cousins to arrive. The NWFR member reports will give you some great information if you’re new to this fishery. http://www.northwestfishingreports.com/reports/details/60569

Detroit Reservoir – I had a blast fishing with Rob Holman and my son James on this Oregon reservoir. It has some quality rainbow trout. We had trouble finding the kokanee though. No matter, you’ll be kept busy catching all those rainbows – and they cut great! http://www.northwestfishingreports.com/reports/details/60570

I hope this gives you some new ideas and places to go fishing. Send us your reports and be entered to win a $25 VISA card in our weekly photo contest!


#1 – Flowing Lake is example of one of many great smaller lakes in Washington
#2 – Riffe Lake coho
#3 – Alder Lake mixed bag of kokanee and trout
#4 – rseas gets on some nice chinook action!
#5 – resident coho are a blast on Puget Sound
#6 – Detroit Reservoir trout action has been hot!


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