Kokanee Krack

by Bob Loomis, October 05, 2021

Kokanee is a favorite in my house and this is one of the best ways to prepare it. Enjoy!

6 Kokanee – (2-3lb’s)
1 C Flour
3 eggs
3 C Panko
¼ C Harrod’s Cookhouse Lemon & Dill Seasoning
Harrods Fin & Field Sacue, (make recipe).

• Skin Kokanee and cut each in half, (3-4” pc’s). (If you don’t know how, watch Harrod Outdoors Youtube on “How to skin Kokanee”,
• Place Flour in bowl and add ½ of your Lemon & Dill Seasoning
• Place Panko in bowl and add remaining Lemon & Dill Seasoning
• Crack eggs and whip until thoroughly mixed
• Coat fish pc’s in flour, shake off excess
• Coat in beaten egg , roll it around well (allow excess to drain off)
• Dredge in Panko making sure everything is coated well
• Place on tray to let sit for a few minutes
• Deep fry at 350 in peanut oil until golden brown, (2.5 – 4 minutes depending on your heat) pull out and put onto paper towels.
• Pull off and serve.
Tartar sauce is the old favorite that everyone uses and is very good with it but….my favorite is to drizzle over the top with Harrods Fin & Field Sauce recipe. https://harrodoutdoors.com/shop/ols/products/fin-and-field-sauce

Kokanee “Krack” will hook anyone that tries it!


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