Brewster King Salmon Derby

by Rob Holman - Press Release, July 04, 2018

The largest Salmon Derby on the Upper Columbia River is coming up soon, and there is still time to register at Brewster Salmon Derby.

The Brewster King Salmon Derby will be held Aug. 3-5, and the odds of getting a wining fish are getting better every year. There are lots of ways to win for all ages, KING OF THE POOL wins $2000 and Adult FIRST PLACE wins $1500. THERE’s ALSO a CASH POT for Youth and Kids and Sidepots and Raffles all weekend long so don’t miss out on your chances to win!

Over 20,000 Summer Run Chinook Salmon have passed over Wells Dam and are swarming off the mouth of the Okanogan River. As the Okanogan warms, it creates a thermal barrier which stalls both the chinook and sockeye salmon in the Brewster Pool.

The Fishing is better this year than last and should just keep getting better. The ratio of Hatchery to Wild Salmon is increasing due to the efforts of the Colville Confederated Tribes Hatchery at Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport. Selective harvest is a tool used to collect natural and hatchery-origin Chinook brood stock for Chief Joseph Hatchery. The tribes have been selectively harvesting Chinook salmon in the Columbia and Okanogan Rivers using a fishing boat called the Dream Catcher. Fisheries staff collect what is needed for the CJH program and release wild salmon unharmed so they can continue to the spawning grounds.

You have a great chance to win at the Brewster King Salmon Derby. Cash and prizes are given to the Top 25 in the Adult Class, Top 10 in the Youth Class and Top 5 in the Child Class. There is a Sockeye Derby for the Kids (if WDFW opens the Season) and lots of sidepots and ways to win including ticket number drawings on Thursday night Aug 2nd at the Manditory Skipper’s Meeting starting at 6pm.

Adult tickets are $50, Youth is $20 and Children 8 and Under are free. The deadline to register online is Monday, July 30th , and you can do it from your home computer. Get all the details at Brewster Salmon Derby. The Brewster King Salmon Derby is sponsored by USI Insurance Services in Seattle, VIP Insurance Agency in Brewster and North Forty Outfitters in Omak and so many others that are so important for the Derby’s success. All our sponsors are linked on our web page and are so important to the Derby’s success.

The Brewster King Salmon Derby is 100% non-profit and is run by Randy Cole and Lori Kratzer of the Upper Columbia Derby Fund who’s mission is To provide family oriented fishing events and recreation to promote tourism, the city of Brewster and local communities and the upper Columbia salmon fishery. Goals of the funds created from the Derby are to support other 501c3 charitable organizations in the Brewster and Upper Columbia River community and other worthy IRS designated charitable organizations.”

“All Funds, whether income of principal, and whether acquired by gift or contribution or otherwise, shall be devoted to said purposes.”
The Upper Columbia Derby Fund is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Public Charity formed in the State of Washington, UBI 603-484-659. Donations are Tax Deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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