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AreaOriginal AuthorCommentsLast Post
5353Saltwater ReportArea 11 Tacoma - Vashon142pugetsoundfishinguy13/24/2017 9:24:00 PM
73865Freshwater Lake ReportSawyer4671Amx63/24/2017 7:15:00 PM
73873Freshwater Lake ReportStevens6291Tom Shives23/24/2017 6:24:00 PM
73797Freshwater Lake ReportChelan5841afk23/24/2017 4:05:00 PM
73869Freshwater Lake ReportCoffee Pot231fishinPA201623/24/2017 12:17:00 PM
1102Secret Lake ReportSecret 04ilvcassidylake53/24/2017 9:59:00 AM
73871Freshwater Lake ReportAmerican4821hlindsay13/24/2017 6:06:00 AM
73847Freshwater Lake ReportMoses5661Walleye Be Damn53/24/2017 5:38:00 AM
73868Freshwater Lake ReportMeridian4561eddiebishop13/23/2017 10:21:00 PM
73857Freshwater Lake ReportGoodwin6111gljorgy196263/23/2017 8:49:00 PM
73864Freshwater Lake ReportMoses5661Cackling Eagle53/23/2017 1:05:00 PM
73850Freshwater Lake ReportMeridian4561brownshagger6933/23/2017 12:10:00 PM
73863Freshwater Lake ReportLiberty121Bigbrother8543/23/2017 11:01:00 AM
73862Freshwater Lake ReportSawyer4671Amx33/23/2017 8:30:00 AM
73855Freshwater Lake ReportEncanto Lagoon86881dutchman285833/23/2017 3:01:00 AM
73859Freshwater Lake ReportPattison1271Dan36033/23/2017 2:58:00 AM
1103Secret Lake ReportSecret 048theB863/22/2017 10:19:00 PM
73861Freshwater Lake ReportKapowsin541boyscoutman23/22/2017 8:21:00 PM
73841Freshwater Lake ReportGoodwin6111JoshH43/22/2017 7:01:00 PM
73849Freshwater Lake ReportSammamish4661pcorazao53/22/2017 4:49:00 PM
73858Freshwater Lake ReportCavanaugh5991Rocketvet23/21/2017 7:21:00 PM
73835Freshwater Lake ReportCassidy6001jacobec33/21/2017 7:01:00 PM
73843Freshwater Lake ReportBig19818theB833/21/2017 3:47:00 PM
2174Columbia River Report19 - Spokane Confluence to Lake Roosevelt North End4565E-1033/21/2017 3:21:00 PM
73846Freshwater Lake ReportGoodwin6111barbarossa1323/21/2017 1:36:00 PM
73854Freshwater Lake ReportAmerican4821Toni13/21/2017 6:35:00 AM
73845Freshwater Lake ReportRat3621Big D53/20/2017 8:43:00 PM
8142River ReportSkookumchuck River97223pugetsoundfishinguy33/20/2017 1:07:00 PM
2168Columbia River Report19 - Spokane Confluence to Lake Roosevelt North End4565E-10103/20/2017 9:25:00 AM
73842Freshwater Lake ReportBeaver4311alxtm13/20/2017 9:08:00 AM
73840Freshwater Lake ReportLawrence1221flyfisherguy33/20/2017 7:25:00 AM
73838Freshwater Lake ReportCassidy6001ilvcassidylake13/19/2017 7:57:00 PM
73839Freshwater Lake ReportAmerican4821ilikefish13/19/2017 6:11:00 PM
73837Freshwater Lake ReportPotholes5711BenCoal23/19/2017 8:54:00 AM
73834Freshwater Lake ReportWaughop701ilikefish33/18/2017 10:49:00 PM
2171Columbia River Report18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence4505atroutfisherman103/18/2017 8:01:00 AM
2172Columbia River Report18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence4505Fishman_Kuzan53/18/2017 6:01:00 AM
73836Freshwater Lake ReportMerwin2691Rocketvet13/17/2017 7:42:00 PM
2170Columbia River Report18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence4505weld2223/17/2017 9:51:00 AM
2166Columbia River Report18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence4505CCTMark33/17/2017 7:27:00 AM
5352Saltwater ReportArea 10 Seattle - Bremerton132PNWfish33/16/2017 7:59:00 AM
73772Freshwater Lake ReportClear20118theB873/15/2017 4:17:00 PM
66881Freshwater Lake ReportBumping1801Yakivegas23/14/2017 7:14:00 PM
2169Columbia River Report18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence4505kokocrazy8313/14/2017 3:49:00 PM
73824Freshwater Lake ReportHayden48931linty23/14/2017 11:17:00 AM
73807Freshwater Lake ReportBradley44150230013/14/2017 8:17:00 AM
8141River ReportSkookumchuck River97223upperleft63/14/2017 6:55:00 AM
73830Freshwater Lake ReportRufus Woods3051wafisherman2063/14/2017 5:59:00 AM
73823Freshwater Lake ReportCassidy6001Billeboy333/14/2017 3:21:00 AM
73828Freshwater Lake ReportWashington4771PNWfish43/13/2017 11:11:00 PM