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Date:: 09/12/03

Made my first trip to this alpine lake up on Steven's pass with my buddy Jason. We started about 4 in the afternoon so we knew we needed to get a move on and hike fast to get back to the car by 8. Well, we ran into a STEEP hike, and the "trail" was muddy and quite slick. Anyway, took about an hour to get up to the lake, and once we did we started fishing ASAP. I threw my line out with a yellow and orange roostertail and had a fighting Cutt on the first cast. Only about 8" but not bad for the first cast. Given the first fish on the first cast, I thought it would be a bumper fishing trip, but it turns out we only caught 15 fish between us in 2 hours. That is still pretty good, but other remote alpine lakes usually reward a little better than that. Jason and I each caught 13" fish that were fat and healthy and actually put up a pretty good fight. The best place to fish from shore is the left side of the lake right as you arrive where the logjam is. My bet is that if y!ou hike in earlier in the year, the place to fish would be the 4-5 feeder streams on the back side of the lake. However, this dry year as reduced those streams to nearly a trickle. Anyway, this trail and lake is for the adventurous, strong lunged hikers. Have fun. Mark Stennes

Date:: 7/31/00

I have been fishing at this remote lake for years now never been disappointed. Between the solitude and scenery oh ya and the fishing. The fish in this lake are cutts to 13 inches. This lake is near lake Valhalla.To get to this lake go over Stevens pass to Smithbrooks road. About 2 miles you will see a sharp bend in road. If you look up you will see where cars are parked for the hike to Valhalla. Park at the bend in road. Walking west about 50 yards you will see where you need to cross the creek. Follow the fisherman's trail up the hill. The trail is very steep. As you keep climbing the trail starts going to the right- stay left and go straight up about 30 yards and presto your there. Follow the left side of lake to other end where the creek enters. It takes about 1hr 30min going up and 45min down. Red eggs work good here as do flys. Good luck and watch for the goats on the rocks. David Desrosier

Photos by CrackerJack