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Featured Lake Article

Nov 2004

By Mike Carey

Alice lake is a 33 acre lake located 2 1/2 miles south of Fall City. The lake is reached by a scenic, curvy, steep road to the WDFW launch site. The parking here is adequate. A concrete ramp will work fine for the typical small fishing boat being launched here. This is a bass and trout lake. It holds rainbows, brook trout, and largemouth bass. A bass angler must droll when looking out on the many lily pads and docks that line the shoreline. For the trout angler, the general trolling route is a big circle along the drop-offs. As you can see from the map, the depth drops pretty uniform to the center deepest point, about 30 feet deep.

This is a peaceful, quiet lake to visit. At 33 acres it can seem a bit on the small side - which may be a good thing. The day I was out I had the lake almost to myself. The shoreline is almost fully developed.

Directions thanks to Bob Johansen:

From Issaquah, traveling east on I-90, take the Preston-Fall City exit. (Exit #22) Turn left and follow the Preston-Fall City Road S.E. for 3.9 miles to the Lake Alice Road S.E. Turn right onto Lake Alice Road and travel 2.2 miles up the steep, curvy road to the top of the hill. The road forks here -- keep to the left on Lake Alice Road for .5 mile to the WDFW public access on the right.