About NWFR

Northwest Fishing Reports is your living, ever-changing online fishing resource and repository of angling information for the Pacific Northwest. NWFR was created by anglers for anglers and is continually updated with the latest fishing reports from our members.

Unlike simple fishing forums or social media groups, NWFR provides a deep and dynamic online tool to improve your angling skills and success. You’ll find bathymetric maps, hotspots with GPS coordinates, historical data reports, and tens of thousands of reports dating back many years. These reports, sent from our anglers, provide a vast knowledge base from which you can do research and discover new fisheries.

NWFR also provides for free to all registered members the ability to create and maintain your own “online fishing log”. This log is searchable by date, location, and species fished. With it you’ll be able to build up your own fishing diary that you can access anywhere, anytime. As the years go by you’ll find yourself coming back again and again to review your prior fishing reports for timing, techniques, and as a way of reliving your prior fishing trips. Imagine all your fishing adventures and pictures in one easy to use and access database!

It’s all free and available only on Northwest Fishing Reports.