Dutch Fork Custom Lures
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From the east coast to your boat, spinner blades and tackle proven to catch walleye by the pros. Ghost blades are lighter and more versatile than metal blades. You can see the bead pattern through the blade which will change colors as it spins. The Colorado blades will spin freely at .4 mph, and since they have less flash and less vibration than traditional metal blades they really work well under sunny skies, flat calm conditions or heavily pressured fish!

Elgin Fishing

The God's Tooth provides a unique flexibility in adjusting to various water conditions. The hook can be detached from and attached to either end of the God's Tooth. The angler can make this adjustment to determine the appropriate action and presentation desired based on the water conditions and one's own preference. The God's Tooth can be cast and retrieved, trolled, or jigged. Excellent for trout, kokanee, salmon, steelhead and more!

Fillet Away
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Fillet Away Fish Mats started on a guided fishing trip on the Columbia River in July of 2015. Developed to be the best solution to cleaning your catch, Filletaway mats are guide tested and approved. Filletaway mats were developed with three goals in mind: First, they "grip" the fish to keep it from sliding around. Second, they clean quickly and easily. Third, they are made in the USA. If you catch fish its time to filletway!

Fish With Gary

Welcome to the Fish With Gary™ Tackle Company. We manufacture dodgers and lures for all of your kokanee trolling needs. Our dodgers and lures are designed to attract kokanee at all trolling depths.

Lip Ripper Lures
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Home of the Whiskey LR-1 Blade, a high quality, state of the art upgrade of a time proven design. This large bladed spinner offers anglers another weapon in targeting BIG fish. Originally designed to to target returning Chinook in Alaska, the LR-1 shows promise anywhere a slow trolled, hard thumping spinner would be effective. This includes Lake Trout (Mackinaw), Muskie, Tiger Muskie, and Pike. Start Ripping Lips with the Whiskey LR-1 today.

Macks Lure

Macks Lure's company focus is on producing quality products coupled with outstanding customer service. All Mack’s Lure products are extensively field tested. They are proven fish catchers before they are brought to market. Please accept our sincere thanks for visiting our website. We look forward to being of service to you.

Mauk Fishing Stuff

Protect your gear and get it organized! I am Mike Mauk and I handcraft all my products in Brewster,WA. We make a variety of lure covers, dodger sleeves, pole wraps in clear and colored. It's a complete system to organize your gear. We have what you need to fit most tackle. Our products are made of premium clear 16 gauge vinyl or shelter rite marine grade poly vinyl. And now introducing a polyvinyl mesh for the blades and dodgers in 3 colors blue, white and red. We can also do custom orders to fit your specific needs.

Okuma Fishing USA
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For us at Okuma Fishing Tackle, fishing is a life-long adventure. Collectively, none of us fish as often, catch as many, or are as consistently successful as we would like, and thankfully so. Fishing is not a destination; it's an endless pursuit that begins long before we ever get to the water. The anticipation of the next opportunity is as valuable as the time spent on the water....

Old Goat Lures

Old Goat Lures™ uses state of the art technology, including 3D printers, to design, build, and test lures for serious fisherman. Whether your target species is trout, walleye, salmon, rockfish, tuna, or kokanee, we have a lure for you!

Wigglefin Tackle
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ActionDiscs™ slide on your line in front of a wide variety of soft plasticbaits, trolling flies, natural baits or lures. Using the principal of chaos, ActionDiscs produce a natural, non-mechanical swimming action and vibration, resulting in more strikes and bigger fish!