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Secret (Secret County) Fishing Report
Name: strikezone Date: November 29, 2016 Rating:
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Spent day on a secret lake yesterday. Had 9 on with 6 in the net. I fished out of an Outcast Pro Stealth one man pontoon boat with a 30 lb thrust minnkota on it. All fish were all from 16 to over 19, except for one at 14 inches. Had one right beside the boat pushing 5 pounds. I can't say enough good about the new Old Guy 1---2.8 inch fluorescent lure that Donn makes.. It worked awesome. Also have the orange one, but never needed it. I used 1-1/2 colors of leaded line with 60 feet of 15 lb mono connected to 45 inches of leader and then the lure tied to that. I also used my fly pole with a high-d line on it that has a 8 inch per second sink rate with 12 feet of 15 lb momo connected to 45 inches of leader and then the lure was tied to that. I let all the fly line out. I just trolled the setups at either three or four on my electric motor which was about 1.8 mph or there about. I'm sure those lures will also work for kokanee as well. Especially if you use scented shoepeg corn with them. Altho I just used the lure by itself yesterday for the rainbows.

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who would like to give them a try. I give them a big thumbs up. Thanks Donn.


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#1 oldgoatlures says:
November 30, 2016 02:23 PM
Many thanks for giving the OG1 a try; and, for submitting this report. Appreciate both!

(For the trout fishermen out there, you can order the fluorescent pink OG1 from the online store on our website:

--Donn Morse
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