Fishing Tackle

Angler Innovations

Our goal at Angler Innovations® is to provide anglers with an edge by offering quality and effective fishing products. We offer a variety of gear for salmon, trout, kokanee and more! Featuring premium hooks made by Maruto including the Grabber barbless hook.

Artic Fox Trolling Flies

The most extensive selection of trolling flies on the web! Salmon, trout, kokanee, and more. Tube flies, storage solutions and much more. We have all your trolling fly needs covered. In business since 1993. Owner Denis Peirce: "My goal is to offer a quality fly at a reasonable price. You will be able to find flies at lower prices on other sites but if value is your standard I believe you will find high quality at a fair price. In addition to many traditional fly patterns I offer a number of styles that are hard to find."

Elgin Fishing

The God's Tooth provides a unique flexibility in adjusting to various water conditions. The hook can be detached from and attached to either end of the God's Tooth. The angler can make this adjustment to determine the appropriate action and presentation desired based on the water conditions and one's own preference. The God's Tooth can be cast and retrieved, trolled, or jigged. Excellent for trout, kokanee, salmon, steelhead and more!

Fish With Gary

Welcome to the Fish With Gary™ Tackle Company. We manufacture dodgers and lures for all of your kokanee trolling needs. Our dodgers and lures are designed to attract kokanee at all trolling depths.

iFish Solutions

iFishSolutions is your supplier for the iTroll Precission Kicker Speed Control and electric kicker steering all operated from the iTroll controller. We also have fishing autopilot systems available utilizing modern technology!

Kekeda Tackle

Kekeda Tackle Co. is a local company offering high quality trolling flies. Many years of research and development on Lake Roosevelt have gone into creating the perfect trolling fly for waters around the Pacific Northwest. Offered in a variety of colors at reasonable prices. 509-202-5135 E-Mail:

Macks Lure

Macks Lure's company focus is on producing quality products coupled with outstanding customer service. All Mack’s Lure products are extensively field tested. They are proven fish catchers before they are brought to market. Please accept our sincere thanks for visiting our website. We look forward to being of service to you.

Mauk Fishing Stuff

Protect your gear! I am Mike Mauk and I handcraft all my products from my home in Brewster,WA. We make lure covers, dodger sleeves, and pole wraps clear and colored, with lots of sizes in to fit most all tackle. Our products are made of premium clear 16 gauge vinyl or shelter rite marine grade poly vinyl. And now introducing a polyvinyl mesh for the blades and dodgers in 3 colors blue, white and Christmas red. I use WBC brand hook and loop fasteners and sew on both edges, no glue. We can also do custom orders to fit your specific needs.


Old Goat Lures™ uses state of the art technology, including 3D printers, to design, build, and test lures for serious fisherman. Whether your target species is trout, walleye, salmon, rockfish, tuna, or kokanee, we have a lure for you!


Long hours of research and development have led to the highly effective kokanee flies we offer today. Not only do they work, they are beautiful. You’ll find them deadly when trolled slowly behind a small dodger. Tip the hooks with your favorite bait (corn, shrimp or “spikes”) and watch for the bite. Available in eight different fishing catching color combinations with more to come!

The General Store

The best fishing selection in Spokane! Official NWFR tackle store of the Inland Northwest. Not only do we carry everything from reels to live baits, we also have a very knowledgeable crew who can help you with any questions you may have. Mention NWFR for 10% off your purchase of fishing tackle and equipment.

Wannafish A Lure

We are in a battle! Angler against fish! We need an arsenal of weapons and at my site you will find some of those different weapons. I am a person who loves the battle and to win! It isn’t about fishing it is about catching!!! When we loose it is all about fishing. Come a take a look.

Wigglefin Tackle

ActionDiscs™ slide on your line in front of a wide variety of soft plasticbaits, trolling flies, natural baits or lures. Using the principal of chaos, ActionDiscs produce a natural, non-mechanical swimming action and vibration, resulting in more strikes and bigger fish!