Welcome to our video section, the only internet video collection devoted exclusively to Washington's lakes, saltwater areas and fishing techniques. We are continually adding new videos so check back often. If you have videos that you would like to add to this section, please contact us and we'll use it if we can. We are particularly interested in building a database of lake videos throughout the state.
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Riffe Lake Silvers
Riffe Lake offers some of Washington's most consistent angling for land-locked coho around. Learn some of the tricks to catching these delicious fish from WashingtonLakes.com member "rseas" as he takes Nate and I out for some silver trolling 101 on Riffe Lake!
by Mike Carey |  5/3/2012 |  3870 views
Chelan April Bassing
Big Bass Dez and Tyler Walker share pre-spawn spring bass fishing methods on Lake Chelan. The fish are schooling and willing biters. Dez and Tyler put on a bass fishing clinic!
by Mike Carey |  4/24/2012 |  2055 views
Roses Lake with Anton Jones
At 131 acres, Roses Lake is the perfect size for a family outing for it's annual stockings of rainbow trout. But wait, there's more! As this video will show, Roses has some great catfish in it as well. Thanks to Anton Jones of Darrell and Dad's Family Guideservice (www.darrellanddads.com) for showing us this fishery, and thanks Aaron for letting us bloody up your boat!
by Mike Carey |  4/20/2012 |  2412 views
Skookumchuck Steel 2012
The Skookumchuck river is a smaller river that has a nice return of coho and winter steelhead. One of the great things about this river is long after other winter runs are peaking, the Skook is just starting. Check out what this river looks like as Nate Treat takes me on a tour of his childhood stomping grounds.
by Mike Carey |  4/11/2012 |  2373 views
Cowlitz River Pontoon Float
The float from the Blue Creek hatchery down to Mission Bar is approximately seven miles. There are several nice long stretchs for either side-drifting or plugging. Not to mention locations to get out and bank fish. If you want to get away from the crowds at the hatchery it's a good area to explore. Filmed March, 2012.
by Mike Carey |  3/28/2012 |  3789 views
Barclay Lake in Snohomish County
Barclay Lake is a nice early season 2.5 mile hike for beginners to a sub-Alpine lake. Elevation gain is around 250 ft and the lake is at 2,300. The lake holds rainbow and cutthroat trout.
by Mike Carey |  3/19/2012 |  2913 views
Wynoochee River Pontoon Float
The Wynoochee River provides a mix of great drift boat/pontoon water in the upper sections and jet boat water down lower. The attraction on this river is winter and summer run steelhead. Join us for a float down the upper river and get a taste of some of the scenery!
by Mike Carey |  3/10/2012 |  2618 views
Premium Membership
In this video I go over the various features of our Premium Membership. These features are designed to improve your knowledge of times and locations to fish in Washington, and increase your odds of success on the water.
by Mike Carey |  2/21/2012 |  1471 views
Crescent Lake in Pierce County
Pierce County's Crescent Lake is located about 3 ½ miles north from the town of Gig Harbor. It covers 47 surface acres, reaches depths of about 29 feet and lies at 166 feet of elevation. The water is darkly stained. The shoreline has numerous houses but also has some undeveloped areas. Fish species include planted rainbow trout, largemouth bass, bluegill, perch pumpkinseed sunfish and maybe crappie. Video and Overview by Mike Carey and Bob Johansen. Filmed June, 2011
by Mike Carey |  2/15/2012 |  2394 views
Cowlitz River Blue Creek
The Cowlitz River is consistantly Washington's top-ranked steelheading river. The hatchery at Blue Creek puts out hundreds of thousands of steelhead smolts each year. Join us as we show some of the popular spots around the hatchery and touch on a few steelheading basics. Filmed December 2011 by Mike Carey and Nate Treat.
by Mike Carey |  1/5/2012 |  3827 views
Skykomish High Bridge to Sultan
The section of the Skykomish river below the High Bridge to the town of Sultan is an approximately eight mile long stretch of water. Because jet boats can only go up a few miles, this area is an excellent drift for pontoons and driftboats. Rated class 1-2, the most challenging run is just below the train bridge at the put in. Lot's of great holding water for steelhead and chum and plenty of privacy await you! Filmed December 2011.
by Mike Carey |  12/17/2011 |  2492 views
Green River Locations and Tips 101
Washington's Green River is a well known river for salmon and steelhead. Nate Treat and I explore some of the popular holes and a couple of the lesser known ones in this video. We also cover some basic steelheading techniques.
by Mike Carey |  12/4/2011 |  5076 views
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