Welcome to our video section, the only internet video collection devoted exclusively to Washington's lakes, saltwater areas and fishing techniques. We are continually adding new videos so check back often. If you have videos that you would like to add to this section, please contact us and we'll use it if we can. We are particularly interested in building a database of lake videos throughout the state.
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Skykomish High Bridge to Sultan
The section of the Skykomish river below the High Bridge to the town of Sultan is an approximately eight mile long stretch of water. Because jet boats can only go up a few miles, this area is an excellent drift for pontoons and driftboats. Rated class 1-2, the most challenging run is just below the train bridge at the put in. Lot's of great holding water for steelhead and chum and plenty of privacy await you! Filmed December 2011.
by Mike Carey |  12/17/2011 |  2510 views
Green River Locations and Tips 101
Washington's Green River is a well known river for salmon and steelhead. Nate Treat and I explore some of the popular holes and a couple of the lesser known ones in this video. We also cover some basic steelheading techniques.
by Mike Carey |  12/4/2011 |  5089 views
Hoodsport Chum Salmon
Washington's Hoodsport Hatchery has been one of the best known and most popular terminal chum fisheries since it began. In this video natetreat and I spent a day going from no fish at low tide to lights out fishing at high tide. Check out some great salmon action and see what this fishery is all about! Filmed Nov 7, 2011.
by Mike Carey |  11/8/2011 |  4547 views
Work Sharp Honing Rod Product Review
Aaron and I get to visit with Hank O'Dougherty of Work Sharp Tools as he shares this year's new product, the honing rod. This is a nifty little device desined to travel in your tackle box or backpack for quick sharpening duties. A truly inovative product! www.WorkSharpTools.com.
by Mike Carey |  10/31/2011 |  2198 views
Potholes Air Boat Bass
An amazing day of fishing the potholes of Washington with guide Shelby Ross (509-750-7763). Shelby took us on a ride on his air boat which was a blast all by itself, not to mention we got some quality largemouth bass and had the dune area to ourselves. You don't want to miss this video, it's a fun one!
by Mike Carey |  10/11/2011 |  4044 views
Camp Chef Mountain Series Stoves
The Mountain Series of Stoves from Camp Chef are the perfect option for any situation when space is scarce. Camp Chef offers a full line of these table top stoves to fit any need. Don't forget to check out the Camp Chef Camp Ovens. Now you can really have all the luxuries of home no matter where you are.
by Camp Chef |  9/26/2011 |  1885 views
Slammin Salmon off the White Salmon
Wow! The mouth of the White Salmon on the Columbia River was red hot for us this year. We fished two days, one day with eggs and one day trolling. Good fishing each day. Lot's of helpful information from our guides!
by Mike Carey |  9/26/2011 |  3268 views
Snohomish River Pink Salmon
In Washington State, odd-numbered years are Pink Salmon AKA "Humpy" years. This year's run to the Snohomish river system is estimated at 2.1 million fish. Join Gringo Pescador and myself as we target pinks. Learn the primary boat launches and some access points for the shore-bound angler. Filmed September, 2011.
by Mike Carey |  9/16/2011 |  4351 views
Pink Salmon Jigging at the Shipwreck
Wow! Pink salmon flood into the Puget Sound in odd numbered years. Prime fishing can be found at "Humpy Hollow" and more specifically "The Shipwreck". My wife JoAnn and I fish with Toni of www.WannaFishaLure.com to try out her pink jigs. They work great! Jig fishing is a nice, relaxing alternative to the more popular trolling for pinks, and as we demonstrate can be just as effective. Filmed Aug 27, 2011.
by Mike Carey |  9/2/2011 |  5585 views
Lake Sammamish Chinook Salmon
Each year, King County's Lake Sammamish has a nice run of chinook salmon returning through it to reach the Issaquah Hatchery. This often over-looked urban fishery has the potential to give up chinook salmon upwards of thirty pounds. Usually open in mid-August, you don't want to miss giving this fishery a try!
by Mike Carey |  8/27/2011 |  4090 views
American Lake Bass Fishing 2011
I got to fish with fishing buddy Bob Johansen July 11, 2011. The fishing wasn't great but the friendship as always, was. Check out American lake - it has a great bass fishery, as well as being one of the better kokanee lakes in Washington.
by Mike Carey |  8/15/2011 |  3124 views
Florida Keys Fishing!
Bud n' Mary's Marina, located in Islamorada, Florida Keys, is the sport fishing capital of the world. Take an inside tour of what it's like beyond the docks, and open up the world of the Florida Keys and it's natural beauty.
by Bud N Mary's Marina |  8/4/2011 |  2663 views
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