Welcome to our video section, the only internet video collection devoted exclusively to Washington's lakes, saltwater areas and fishing techniques. We are continually adding new videos so check back often. If you have videos that you would like to add to this section, please contact us and we'll use it if we can. We are particularly interested in building a database of lake videos throughout the state.
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Coeur D'Alene Spring Chinook 101
Roger Blackstone, Club Chairman of the Coeur D'Alene Anglers Association has fished this lake for many years targeting the chinook (which have a lake record of 40+ pounds!). In this video Roger shows us some techniques and locations that will help you learn how to fish for these trophy lake-locked Chinook.
by Mike Carey |  4/23/2014 |  3757 views
Hope and Trap Lakes
Hope and Trap lakes are located in the Central Cascades, Stevens Pass area. The hike to Trap is particularly beautiful as you'll see on this video. Enjoy!
by Mike Carey |  3/13/2014 |  2734 views
Fall Coulmbia King Salmon
Back to fall fishing on this king salmon video we did with Walleye Willie. This year's king forecast for the Columbia is off the charts, well over a million fall chinook to target. Give Walleye Willie a call to get your date booked now!
by Mike Carey |  3/3/2014 |  2135 views
Roosevelt Rainbows
Fishing with Craig Dowdy of YJ Guide Service is always fun. Today he shows Aaron and I why Lake Roosevelt has such a high reputation for winter time rainbow trout fishing.
by Mike Carey |  2/13/2014 |  2425 views
Fisher Lake, Central Cascades
Fisher Lake is a lesser known Alpine Lake that is well worth doing a little bush-wacking to get to. It's a ten mile round trip hike with around 1,400 feet of elevation gain. The lake holds brook trout. Check out the bugs the day we were there!
by Mike Carey |  1/1/2014 |  1801 views
Gringo Pescador's Ice Bag System 101
Catching a bounty of tasty fish is one of the great benefits of fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Caring for your catch properly is the most important thing you can do to maintain the quality of your catch. Immediately bleeding your fish after catching is essential. Another thing that is essential is to put your fish on ice after catching it. In this month’s Feature Video Gringo Pescador shows us his technique for making “Ice Bags”. I can tell you these bags are remarkable! The bags stay frozen solid well beyond what a bag of ice would and, they are self-contained so your cooler won’t fill with slushy ice water that the fish will degrade in. Check out Gringo’s video on our Video Section of WashingtonLakes.com to learn how easy it is to make one!
by Gringo Pescador and Mike Carey |  12/21/2013 |  2389 views
Stillaguamish Lower River Drift
The float from Arlington's Haller Park to the I-5 take out isn't talked about a lot, but it offers some nice holes that are not fished as much as other locations. About a 6 1/2-7 miles float, perfect for a leisurely day.
by Mike Carey |  12/8/2013 |  1781 views
Work Sharp Ken Onion Product Review
This is a product review of Work Sharp's 2013 Ken Onion Knife and Tool Sharpener machine. We visit with Hank from Work Sharp as he goes over the various updates on this already great product.
by Mike Carey |  12/3/2013 |  1450 views
Green River Chum Float
The drift from Whitney Bridge to Hwy 18 on the Green River is surprisingly scenic and gives a sense of isolation unexpected when so close to Seattle. Not to mention, a great chum return with lot's of nice locations to fish. Join guide Nate Treat and I as we fish on a rainy November day.
by Mike Carey |  11/21/2013 |  1860 views
Hevi Beads Product Review 2013
We get to visit with Loren Dunbar of Hevi Beads at Ed Iman's Fish Camp 2013. Loren shows us some new products an interesting variations of Hevi Beads that certainly look like "fish pleasers"! www.hevibeads.com
by Mike Carey |  11/13/2013 |  1600 views
Skykomish River Sultan to Monroe
Our final segment of the Skykomish river system is filmed in this video. This drift is approximately 7.5 miles and can be shortened by putting in or taken out at Ben Howard. A beautiful day and some decent action for moderately colored silvers. BTW, I smoked mine and they turned out delicious! Thanks to NateTreatFishing.com for taking us out.
by Mike Carey |  11/2/2013 |  1988 views
Snohomish River Clean-Up 2013
What happens when anglers decide to make a difference? You get a cleaner river, that's what! Join us as a group of WashingtonLakes anglers give back to the river that has provided us with an amazing pink and coho salmon season in 2013. Video By OneShot Productions. Jon makes amazing videos! Thanks to all the WashingtonLakes members that participated in the Clean-Up.
by OneSHot Productions |  10/29/2013 |  1187 views
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