Welcome to our video section, the only internet video collection devoted exclusively to Washington's lakes, saltwater areas and fishing techniques. We are continually adding new videos so check back often. If you have videos that you would like to add to this section, please contact us and we'll use it if we can. We are particularly interested in building a database of lake videos throughout the state.
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Catfishing on the Palouse
The Palouse River in Central Washington has a stark beauty that makes the trip well worth it - and the excellent catfishing is the reason to travel to this remote part of the state. Join Aaron and I as we fish with Craig Dowdy of YJ Guide Service for these tasty fish.
by Mike Carey |  5/15/2013 |  2402 views
Lake Chelan Red Hot Kokanee Action
Washington's Lake Chelan has been putting out kokanee running 14-18" this year. Join us as we show you locations and techniques to increase your odds of success. Special guest Anton Jones of Darrell and Dad's Family Guide Service. Lot's of great catching tips so be sure to watch the whole video!
by Mike Carey |  4/10/2013 |  2445 views
Westport Jetty Fishing for Bottomfish
Westport Washington is home to the Westport jetty which offers shore-bound anglers excellent access to bottom fish such as kelp greenling, black sea bass, and of course everyone's favorite, lingcod. You can also fish the jetty from a boat as Nate Treat and I did in this video.
by Mike Carey |  3/27/2013 |  4641 views
Angle Lake in King County
Angler lake is a popular 102 acre urban lake located just a few miles from Seatac airport. Because of this the lake is pretty noisy. It has a nice park and swimming area, a narrow concrete launch, and a good fishing pier. There is limited trailer parking so arrive early. (the gate usually opens around 7am) Species include kokanee, rainbow, perch, largemouth bass, and catfish.
by Mike Carey |  3/11/2013 |  1775 views
Cottage Lake in King County
Cottage lake is 63 acres. It has a nice family park with fishing pier and small swimming area. There is no launch for trailed boats. The hand launch is located at the fishing pier. The lake also has a gated entrance so early AM trips may be delayed until the gate is opened. The day I fished it was opened at 7am. Lake holds planted rainbows, largemouth bass, and spiny rays. There's a nice lily pad area on the far end of the lake that should hold a few lunker bass.
by Mike Carey |  2/25/2013 |  1580 views
Shoecraft Lake in Snohomish County
Shoecraft Lake is a 137 acre lake that is linked to Lake Goodwin by a narrow channel. The lake holds largemouth bass, perch, crappie, pumpkinseed, and rainbow trout. The public boat launch is located in the SW corner of the lake off 56th Ave West. This launch is gravel, irregular, and has limited turn-around and parking. There is little to no shore fishing available.
by Mike Carey |  2/18/2013 |  1690 views
Egg Loop Leaders 101
The egg loop knot is one of the essential steelheading/leader knots to learn. In this video we demonstrate how to tie an egg loop knot and make an egg loop leader with corkie in-between.
by Mike Carey and Gringo Pescador |  2/12/2013 |  1865 views
Float Fishing Set Up 101
Gringo Pescador shows various steelhead and salmon float set ups in this "101" video. Gringo can be found on the Forums at WashingtonLakes.com
by Gringo Pescador |  1/20/2013 |  2200 views
Arlington Bass on the Columbia
The Columbia river offers some great smallmouth bass fishing, and sometimes a salmon thrown in for good measure. Join Aaron and I as we fish with Mike Gibney at Ed Iman's Fish Camp 2012.
by Mike Carey |  1/16/2013 |  2511 views
Reiter Ponds on the Skykomish River
Reiter Ponds on the Skykomish River is located a couple miles east of the town of Goldbar on Hwy 2, off Reiter Road. This hatchery was established in 1975 and provides a yearly return of winter and summer run steelhead. The Skykomish River consistantly is rated a Top Ten steelheading river in Washington.
by Mike Carey |  12/22/2012 |  3006 views
Jig Tying 101
Gringo Pescador is a regular on WashingtonLakes.com. He is an avid jig/float angler for salmon and steelhead, His jigs have put many a salmon or steelhead on to his stringer. Check out this video as he gives a detailed demonstration on how to rie his deadly rabbit-hair jig.
by Gringo Pescador |  12/17/2012 |  2015 views
Langlois Lake in King County
Langlois Lake in King County is a peaceful lake of 40 acres, stocked annually with rainbow trout. It also holds bass for the spinny ray crowd. The lake has a rough boat launch. There is a sunken log just off shore that is a challenge to get past. The lake has only a few houses on it. In the summer evenings the angler is serenaded by girl scout campground on the far side of the lake.
by Mike Carey |  12/7/2012 |  1687 views
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