Welcome to our video section, the only internet video collection devoted exclusively to Washington's lakes, saltwater areas and fishing techniques. We are continually adding new videos so check back often. If you have videos that you would like to add to this section, please contact us and we'll use it if we can. We are particularly interested in building a database of lake videos throughout the state.
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Aaron and I met Loren Dunbar of Hevi-Beads at Ed Iman's Fish Camp 2012. Loren shows us his unique "hevi-bead" system which is sure to put a lot of steelhead on the banks in the years ahead. Check it out! www.Hevibeads.com
by Mike Carey |  11/6/2012 |  2343 views
Columbia River Walleye
The Columbia River has a great walleye fishery. Aaron and I got to go out with "Walleye Willie" in September. We got a couple very nice quality fish and learned more about this fun fishery for tasty walleye. You can contact Walleye Willie at www.WalleyeWillie.com.
by Mike Carey |  10/22/2012 |  2131 views
Work Sharp Hand Held Sharpener
We visit with Hank O'Dougherty of Work Sharp at Ad Iman's Fish Camp 2012. Hank shows the latest innovations in tool sharpening they are bringing out for 2012.
by Mike Carey |  10/10/2012 |  1161 views
Puget Sound Underwater Coho
Ever wonder what it looks like when a coho salmon strikes a flasher/hoochie? In this video we have exclusive underwater footage of Puget Sound coho attacking our baits. There's some great examples and tips on how to improve your odds for success trolling for coho in Puget Sound. Check it out!
by Mike Carey |  10/5/2012 |  2160 views
Central Sound Coho Fever
Washington State's Central Puget Sound is the crossroads to fish streaming to north, central, and south sound. Because of this, there can be some amazing days of fishing when the coho are running. Join us for just such fishing - it's Central Sound Coho Fever!
by Mike Carey |  9/14/2012 |  1798 views
Lake Valhalla Alpine Lake
Lake Valhalla is located along the Pacific Crest Trail in the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness, just north of Steven's Pass on Hwy 2, Washington. This lake is approximately 4,800 feet in elevation, and holds cutthroat trout. There are two trails to the lake, one, along the PCT is 7 miles long, and the other "back route" is about 4 miles long. Lot's of small cutthroat to be had. A float tube would allow you to really cover this 22 acre lake well.
by Mike Carey |  9/6/2012 |  1507 views
Return to Baker Lake 2012
This year the fishing at Baker Lake has been tough. No longer the slam-dunk of limts by 8am, although there are some that still have these fish dialed in. For the rest of us it's a matter of putting in your time, having the right gear, and a bit of luck. Lot's of netting shots - maybe you're in the video!
by Mike Carey |  8/6/2012 |  2037 views
Merwin Reservoir Kokanee
Southwest Washington's Merwin Reservoir is well known for it's quality kokanee fishery. In this video we'll show you a few spots and the beautiful kokanee that are available. FIlmed July 2012.
by Mike Carey |  7/21/2012 |  2109 views
Phillips Lake with Uncle Wes
Uncle Wes Malmberg has perfected a system he calls "Blue Collar Fly Fishing". He shows some of these techniques on Washington's Phillips Lake in Mason county. Filmed 2011
by Mike Carey |  6/27/2012 |  1620 views
American Lake Kokanee
The kokanee on American lake are amoung the best quality for size in Washington. Toni of WannaFishaLure.com takes us out and gives us some tips to improve our odds. Join us as we target these "silver bullets"!
by Mike Carey |  6/14/2012 |  2531 views
Merwin Reservoir Muskie
Washington's Merwin Reservoir in Cowlitz county is home to some of the state's largest muskie. The next 50" plus fish is most likely swiming around right now! Join us as we explore the lake with Mike Gibney and Ed Walzer, and "catch" some of these beautiful fish (on video, that is). Fished September 2011.
by Mike Carey |  6/7/2012 |  1813 views
Eloika Spring Bass
An amazing morning and evening fishing with Craig Dowdy of yjguideservice.com. We caught largemouth bass none-stop up to 4.5 pounds - and there's bigger ones in there! Check out the action!
by Mike Carey |  5/23/2012 |  1878 views
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