Lone Lake in Island County

This lake has come to be my early spring lake. It warms fairly fast and can provide some good fishing at times. The wind can be a problem ... all » so be aware for the lunch-time blow. Lone Lake (92 acres): Occupying a broad meadow area 2 miles southwest of Langley on Whidbey Island, Lone has a large WDFW access on the north shore and is open year-around. Trout fishing can vary widely from year-to-year due to cormorant predation. Table quality of the trout is best in spring and fall when the water is cooler. Use large-fish methods here: salad shrimp bait, leech wet fly patterns, and large lures. Lone lake is now a year round lake and Selective fishery with a 1 fish (18") limit. Power bait, nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, marshmallows, cheese baits are all prohibited now and alerting the public to these facts could save some unsuspecting angler from a WDFW fine, not to mention helping to keep some of the quality fish in this fishery.

Published on Feb, 02 2007

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