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Washington Lake
King County, WA

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22,138 acres. Located in Seattle's backyard, Lake Washington is over 15 miles long and offers a vast array of recreational opportunities for it's visitors. The lake holds most all species of spiny rays as well as several species of trout. In addition there are runs of salmon and cutthroat which go through the lake as they return to their native streams. The angler must check regulations carefully for size limits and seasons on the various trout and salmon in the lake. Available from State of Washington Fish and Game is a pamphlet entitled "Lake Washington/Lake Sammamish Access Map and Gamefish Guide" (360) 775-1311. The lake has ramps scattered up and down it's length. A good reference guide to ramps on the lake and elsewhere is Henning's Guide to Boat Ramps. Lake Washington actually has better access than Puget Sound. Some ramp locations include: Kirkland, Sammamish River, Sand Point, Bellevue (40th St/Mercer Marina), Gene Coulin (Renton), Atlantic City (8800 S. Seward Park), and Sayres at 45th Ave S./ L Washington Blvd. Some of the ramps are free but more and more are beginning to charge for use.

Lake Washington is much too large to limit the angler to certain areas for specific species, however, there are popular spots that people tend to go. For example, trolling along the floating bridges for trout or around Seward Park are popular areas. Perch are well-known around the Kirkland area and also at the south end of the lake near Renton. Bass anglers may focus on the arboretum and University of Washington area. This lake will offer you many hours of exploration and years of angling to reveal it's secrets.

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Washington Lake Information

King County, Washington

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