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Alder Lake Report
Pierce County, WA



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Trolling W/Downriggers
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My son took me fishing on this Labor Day 2022. He was doing the catching. Of course, I had the cameras on my lines that showed the fish I hooked, and didn’t know about. Probably due to me netting his fish. Now, I did have one hookup that I got to see the fish in real time that my son was trying to net it. It was lost, at the boat. I say he knocked it off with the net. That is my story and I am sticking to it.
We started around 8am, we quit at 12. The weather was cloudy then sunny and windy at times. The water temperature was 71. Air temperature in the morning was 55 then got warmer when the clouds left.
Water changed colors while we were there. I am not sure why. I did wonder if they were releasing water out of the dam. We were there for the 1st Monday of the month lahar warning.
We started at 30 feet down on the downrigger. I stacked and would be at 20 and 30. He was at 30ish and then longlined his other rod. He would have hits that didn’t stick. He brought it up after about the second hour and got hits that stuck. At 9 foot down. So, we kept it in the upper levels. Until it seemed to end and I had too as well. We had a surprise when he pulls in a smallmouth in 110 feet of water only 9 feet down. Later, on the camera, I saw another surprise.
I used corn at first then switched to worm and corn which my son used from the beginning. I started out going 1.5-6mph then after we went up to 9-10 feet, I slowed to 1.1-1.2mph.
The lake level was 1,196.97 from the first of the month and online they changed it on the Tuesday the 6th. With the change in color of the lake water while we were there makes me wonder if they may have lowered it on Monday.
All Kokanee had intact adipose fins


9/8/2022 2:44:31 PM
Looks like some nice sized fish! I tried for a few hours Saturday and hooked two... no downriggers, only lead droppers. I advised a guy fishing from the day use dock to let his spinner drop further since I was marking fish deep. He hooked a really nice kokanee, looked 16+ inches.

Moonjelly brads dodger with red sticker has been my hot dodger, with a pink shrimp/blue smile blade.
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