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Alder Lake Report
Pierce County, WA



51° - 55°
Trolling W/Downriggers
Mostly Sunny
66° - 70°

My son Bo schooled me again in catching and bites…he had a few doubles, too. We were at the lake from 8am to 1:30pm. When we got there the water temperature was 68 and 70 when we left. It was sunny but cold at first about 45 degrees and when we left,75. The mountain was invisible most of the day because of wild fire smoke.

We used worms and corn for bait fishing 9-15 feet on the downriggers and longlined using ¼ oz weight. Trolling 1.1 to 1.4 mph.
Bo had his first kokanee in the boat within 5 minutes, before I even got out. There were many bites for both of us but about 11am the bites died down. We found some trout going towards the dam. Otherwise, it was kokanee. We got 6 male kokanees with adipose fins intact and 2 cutthroat.

Lake level was at 1,195.3 feet.


Kokanee Learning
9/17/2022 7:37:35 AM
I was able to have a very successful trip here thanks to your depth information, thank u for your report. Question, based on the water temperatures I would expect the Kokanee to be much deeper, there preferred range is about 54 degrees I believe. Why do u think they are so shallow? This really has me curious.
9/17/2022 7:50:29 AM
I really don't know for sure. Since the fish can't tell us, go by what you see happening. Weeks previous they were deeper. These are fish getting ready to spawn as you can see from the scales and mouths. This may change the way they act.
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