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19 - Spokane Confluence to Lake Roosevelt North End Report



31° - 35°
Bottom Fishing From Boat
Mostly Sunny
All Day
Under 40°

I pulled Glenn's Lund to Ft Spokane on sketchy, slushy and icy roads. We launched and went out to the main Columbia. In the first 3 hours we had one eye. We moved around and over the next 3 hours we put 14 more eyes in the livewell. At first it was a beautiful sunny winter day. Then the wind picked up and it was a bit chilly. We moved to one final spot and put 10 more eyes in the boat in 45 minutes. That final spot is the only reason I gave the day a 4. For the last 2 weeks, only one jig combo has produced 95 percent of our eyes. We have spent a lot of time trying other combinations plus blade baits and jigging raps but the one black head and watermelon red flake swimbait is the only one that has produced consistently. If you think you are retrieving your jig slow, cut that in half. I only felt two bites today and I missed both of them. Find rock piles on humps and points in 35 to 60 FOW.


1/22/2023 7:17:54 PM
How was the clarity this trip?
1/22/2023 8:44:10 PM
We were out on the main Columbia so the visibility is about 15 feet. Never went up the Arm but the water is still very clear at the Ft Spokane launch
1/23/2023 5:26:54 PM
Wow, you are really getting out there after them, wish I had that much get up a go. Thanks for another encouraging report.
1/23/2023 5:49:08 PM
Part-time it's a lot of work chasing eyes the way we do. We have learned to fish both right and left handed so as to not wear our arms out. I am a spaz left handed so I am a work in progress. You use a jig, blade bait and jigging rap for 7 to 8 hours and you feel like you have little T-Rex arms by the end of the day.
1/24/2023 8:37:54 AM
Thanks for the update, Mark. I tried to convince my wife to brave the elements with me last weekend, but she looked at me like I was crazy. Can't say I blame her. LOL
1/25/2023 6:35:42 AM
Dat - This winter has been hit or miss. Glenn and I did OK on Sunday but he was out yesterday and only caught 8 eye in about 8 hours of fishing. All the same spots plus a couple of others that we hit on Sunday; much tougher day. The extreme cold weather coming up this weekend will not help the cause either.
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