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18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence Report



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This is actually the tale of two trips to Porcupine Bay. The first trip was Saturday March 4. Glenn and I got a late start because of the threat of snow Friday night. There was none. We launched my Tracker at 0900 and spent the day trying to find some eyes. I give the day a 2 because all we could scrape up was 10 eyes and 1 burbot. It was very windy which didn't help a very slow bite. We cleaned 3. Today was a different story. It too started slow but about 1200 Glenn put us on a bunch of eyes. We found a 1/4 mile section of main river channel just above buoy 3 that was holding eyes. We drifted while vertically jigging at about .5 mph in 30 to 40 fow. Jig head color didn't seem to matter but your plastic better have a chartreuse tail. We caught about 42 and cleaned 32. The average size was 19 to 20 inches. Of the 10 we released, 5 were over 22 inches and the largest was 6.75 lbs. Due to melting snow the water visibility is only about 3 feet. We also got to watch a Bald Eagle try to catch a coot, it never did because the coot would just dive down whenever the eagle got close. It should have just tried to get one of the several hundred geese or other ducks on the shore. And last but not least, the water level is down 35 feet or so. If you go above buoy 5 you better know exactly where the channel is. Just saying.


3/7/2023 8:49:58 PM
Another good report Mark, thanks! Or trip up there was canceled due to Covid, so the eyes were safe from us. Probably would of been anyway!!
Peter Lorge
3/8/2023 7:09:06 AM
nice. thx. see you out there soon
3/8/2023 8:19:17 AM
Outstanding !
3/12/2023 5:13:38 PM
I have been reading your posts and enjoying your photos for a while. I finely saw you and Glen and another person zoom by me heading for buoy 5. I was in the black boat with white trolling motor.
Glad you guys had success. I pulled 5 18 to 21 eyes out by green buoy 3.
3/12/2023 6:43:27 PM
Fish great to hear you had some luck. This winter has been very hit or miss. Thankfully we are coming into the best time of the year.
3/15/2023 6:15:45 AM
Great report Mark, good to see some getting out and wetting lines.
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