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19 - Spokane Confluence to Lake Roosevelt North End Report


All Day

Maybe I should start out with lower expectations. Really felt that we would have a decent day for Walleye on Wednesday. Wrong again. We put in at Porcupine and went upstream. My friend that was with me caught his first ever Walleye about 10 minutes after we started and I thought OK, it's on. Several drifts and several different spots later and that was still it. Finally downstream from where we started I got a decent eater and we had finally found somewhere that we were marking fish but just couldn't get them to bite. Tried bottom bouncing and jigging but they just kept ignoring me. Picked up a Burbot on a bottom bouncer which seemed sort of peculiar to me. We even made a lap through Porcupine Bay itself pulling Trout rigs and never got a bump. If this doesn't change soon there is going to be a Hewescraft for sale . Think my major failing is I'm just not getting out there enough. First step in recovery is admitting the problem. Or so I'm told.
Porcupine Bay launch was OK, one lane and it it would have been busy that would have been a problem. Think the fish count guy was trying to make me feel better, he said the other boats he talked to hadn't done well either.


3/17/2023 4:11:12 PM
fished thursday calm water was better in afternoon on main , went shallow eyes turned on
keep going there moving up ...
3/18/2023 9:00:40 AM
Part-time, keep at it. Don't be afraid to go shallow when looking for the eyes. 3/8 oz jigs cast into shallow water with current can be very productive
3/18/2023 9:19:51 AM
Didn't seem to be much current on Wednesday. I went above bouy 3 and drifted around .3 to .4. When I finally started marking fish they seemed to be around 28 ft.
3/18/2023 2:20:17 PM
3/18/2023 4:19:08 PM
Thanks Buc
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