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18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence Report



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Went out with Glenn. We launched a little late to avoid the freezing temperatures. We concentrated on pitching jigs into shallow water in areas with heavy current. The water has a little color to it from the recent rain. Visibility is about 3 feet. We caught about 25 eyes but really had to work for them. Glenn only wanted to keep 8 so we cleaned 9. My counting was off by one. We were trying to keep smaller eater eyes which wasn't easy to do. Glenn had the numbers including a 6, a 5 and several 4s. I caught an 8 and a 5.


3/18/2023 1:45:11 PM
You're killing me man, just killing me.
3/18/2023 3:19:53 PM
Quality fish Mark, nice going! Thank you for the report...
3/18/2023 6:19:30 PM
Jedi same to you. You and I are the only ones posting any reports. Going to try down river tomorrow. A lot of the eyes that moved up during the full moon have either been caught or moved further upriver. Just waiting for the next big push up. Should make it easier for some of the folks who don't fish for eyes very often. Hopefully they let the big eyes go. Anything over 22 should be released. Keep the smalleyes.
3/18/2023 8:25:44 PM
Good choice Mark and thank you for your view. I looked for new water this year to find untapped populations as the Spokane just gets pummeled by so many anglers on all the key spawning zones. I like having lots of space and more options but will plan to get up the Spokane again some days after the weekend blitz. I too practice keeping only smaller fish. I don't like to keep anything over 20"
3/18/2023 8:31:39 PM
WMark and others. Many of us silent folks admire your drive and expertise that you share here. We are living through your reports in the winter and early spring. As I've aged I've given up boat fishing in the worst of the winter. Also as you know if you aren't staying on top of the fish by fishing every week or have no other intel source when I the other silent guys and me) go after the eyes we are actually fishing blind except for our experience. Ive been fishing for walleyes in Rosy since I returned to the states in 1968 after serving Uncle Sam. Fished Rosy from Northport to Keller. For more than 25 years I fished Rosy for one or more days a week year round. My Dad "discovered" the eyes (for us) while I was in USAEUR. Anyway I'll get out there in the next week or so and chase them but I stay out of the arm for the most part due to the crowd that is there nowadays. Thanks again to you and the others that keep us informed as to the progress of the seasonal changes the eyes go through. I appreciate the posts here very much. My only intel source now days.
3/18/2023 9:18:20 PM
Brad, we try to stay away from the herd as much as possible. It is still early in the spawn and most of the eyes haven't even gone up the Arm yet. It wasn't all that long ago when the Arm was closed 1 April to 1 June. We got really good at finding them out in the main river. Outhouse flats and Casino Flats ought to both be holding fish. It is just a matter of trying different areas and depths till you locate some. Glenn and I always start out with very different lures, jigs, jigging raps, blade baits and whatever else we can think of. Our boats always look like graveyards for soft plastics by the end of the day. The eyes feed on perch, sculpins and crayfish, use stuff that looks like those and you'll be off to a good start. Also thank you for your service. I put in almost 24 years myself and am working on another 20 as a government civilian. Lots of aches and pains from over 20 years of static line and free fall parachuting makes it tough to get moving every morning.
3/18/2023 10:16:15 PM
3/18/2023 10:22:51 PM
Damn auto correct .. that was 2 thumbs up.
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