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Meridian Lake Report
King County, WA



36° - 40°
Rainbow Trout
Under 40°

HAFA ADAI! Back at it again, it's been too long since I been out fishing on a kayak OR or just fishing in general. So with Winter now dying down, and spring coming a lot earlier this year than last year. I thought its time to take the "BEAST" out and get some fish slime back on the YAK!

I could see fish surfacing everywhere, they were feeding heavily on the surface on what seems to be a "HATCH"(BUGS HATCHING). Around every late January/February these mosquito/Gnat looking bugs(I don't now the exact name)begin to hatch. The whole lake surface is covered in them, around morning and late evening is when the trout are more active feeding aggressively. You can see them hit the surface to swallow up the bugs, exposing some snouts and fins! like a dolphin breaching for air. I Trolled around the whole day using different colors/lures and at different depths but no bites! Talk about frustrating, so I whipped out the good ol' Worm and the Bobber! and I kept casting towards where ever I see a fish surface. It was difficult cause they kept moving, but I chased after them lol Finally I seen one surface right in front of me. Casted out and got distracted with the GOPRO Camera, as soon as I puled the battery out after hours of filming nothing. The fish decides to bite and catch me off guard lol but I immediately grabbed the rod and set the hook! I knew it was a good fish, set the drag in a panic and fought it pretty well with Light Action ROD and REEL and 6# Test Line! super fun! got it in the net

FIRST FISH OF THE 2023! A Nicee 6.4 POUND Rainbow Trout! NEW PB RAINBOW and biggest trout I ever caught so far! BONKED, BLED, and straight to the grill!
Must've been a brood stock Rainbow/Jumbo TROUT which are trout that are stocked in Washington waters at larger sizes varying(1-8 pounds) They stock this lake every year with thousands of 8-11 inch Fish every year around March. Could it have been a small fish and grew up? maybe not, but its possible since this lake is loaded with a TON of FOOD Sources!(plus the free trout planting buffet) with that being said, the BASS in here get HUGE too as well!

I wish I knew more about fly-fishing, cause I know that would of slaaaayed!!! better luck next year, but plenty of time this year to practice my FLY-FISHING!

Here's the Video of Cathing my NEW PB TROUT:


3/20/2023 12:06:13 PM
Nice report, thanks and congrats on your PB! Any signs of kokanee showing up yet? Shouldn't be long but Meridian has its good and bad years for them. Hopefully 2023 will be a good year! Keep up the good work bruh and get some more of those nice fish.
3/21/2023 8:32:14 PM
I haven't seen Kokanee yet this year, I caught a few last year about 11-12 inches.

Thanks alot guys!
3/21/2023 8:16:00 PM
Nice Bow C-dro. Congrats :)
3/25/2023 1:22:49 PM
Thank you!
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