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18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence Report



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I took Glenn out to the Arm and we launched about 0900 to avoid the cold and the crowds. We hit the same general areas as the last couple of weeks. It took several hours before we found the right area and the right colors. We picked up a few on our jigs until I dug out a senko with colors I probably haven't used since I bought them 10 years ago. Glenn and I tend to be successful because we are willing to try odd colors. I didn't think what I picked was going to work but after catching 3 eyes in 5 casts I was sold. We weren't planning on keeping very many especially large eyes so of the 50 we caught we only cleaned 7. Glenn caught the largest eyes at around 5.5 lbs and I caught a 4.5 and 3.5 lb smallies. Only one dink eye was caught and the eyes we released averaged 20-23 inches. This was probably the last weekend that the Porcupine Bay launch will be usable. The lake evel will put it out of the water in a day or two. The water is a little stained with the visibility at about 3 feet. It is a long trip from 7 Bays to up the Arm.


3/26/2023 8:42:55 PM
?? Is there more accurate prediction on the final draw down level? The one I read last had it going down slowly like in the last weeks to the 29th @ 1244 but I've found nothing beyond that prediction.
3/26/2023 8:46:08 PM
BTW nice fishing. My "at a boy" comment came out as the ?? posted. Still to cold for the eyes to spawn isn't it? Maybe some fish still holding up in the main lake?
3/26/2023 8:50:38 PM
BRADF, they are already in the early stages of the spawn. The males are not acting like teenage boys just yet but they soon will be. I don't know the final drawdown level but 7 Bays will be our only option by next weekend.
3/27/2023 2:30:28 AM
Nice report Mark. Good quality fishes. Was on the Columbia Saturday in an area that was productive last week but we caught a small fraction of the fish from the trip before, either we cleaned them out, or those fish are quickly moving out and up. I see we are in a waxing moon phase so could be influencing the migration.
3/27/2023 8:38:02 AM
moose in the lake iv'e never seen that ? bear. turkey, deer, eagles, otters, coyote, elk. but never a moose ... that's awesome ...
The main has been good to me anything green and shallow w/ jigs when will the draw down end who knows but it has been fun and challenging learning new areas and seeing what iv'e been fishing all these years...
3/27/2023 9:22:44 AM
3/27/2023 9:29:39 AM
I agree Buc. it's compelling to see all structure exposed. To be fishing way below the shorline and look up and comment, "so that's why that spot has been holding fish"
3/27/2023 9:24:43 AM
You sure catch the nice ones. Interesting that you dug down for something you hadn't used and it worked. I should change colors more often. Nice moose pics.
3/27/2023 4:38:35 PM
I've seen a bunch of deer crossing the river but not a moose. I think that's only because there aren't that many around. Moose love water after all. Seeing a small patch of gravel or some rocks where you've had success at full pool really gets you thinking how many other pieces of structure have you been fishing without knowing it. This can be a good time to update way points or to take pictures. We always start out with multiple soft plastics, some that normally produce and others we think should be good based on the time of year. Yesterday was a little slow and the usual baits weren't working all that great so time to experiment. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
3/27/2023 6:55:16 PM
Just got a fishing report and the Arm water level dropped a little bit and it is very muddy. Huge change from yesterday.
3/28/2023 4:56:31 AM
Nice report Mark! One heckuva smallie and a moose for a bonus. :-)

The most accurate and current reservoir information I've found is on NOAA's website and has been my "go to" for many years - https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=otx&gage=gcdw1

Prediction is level will be 1242.6' by Apr 3rd.
3/28/2023 7:23:10 AM
Thanks H F .. that's the one I've used but it hadn't been updated into April last I looked.
3/31/2023 5:56:41 AM
It shows level for last 7days, current time, and predicted level for next 7days. As of this morning, prediction is 1241.28' @ 5am on April 7th. That date jogged my memory, I went on active duty 7 Apr 77. :-)
3/28/2023 9:27:30 AM
I use the NOAA National Weather Service hydrologic prediction service website. It is pretty accurate but only looks out a week.
4/5/2023 5:19:52 AM
Checking this morning NOAA is showing the drawdown will level off at 1240.25' on 4/11.
4/5/2023 4:43:13 PM
We now have a nice long ride from 7 Bays just to get back to the Porcupine launch
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