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18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence Report



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Launched out of 7 Bays because porcupine bay is within about 2’ of unusable, you need two people because there really isn’t a dock anymore and I was by myself. When I got up to porcupine I found very muddy water and the walleye were pretty elusive. Caught one 4 pound trout, a small walleye and a small Burbot. About 10:30 the net boat arrived and started pulling up the nets that were scattered around the porcupine bay flats and down toward the cemetery. Between the muddy water and the nets I called it a day and came home, my friends did better right out in front of 7 Bays. The water is still very clear in the main channel


3/31/2023 8:28:50 AM
This should rerage every sport fisherman in Washington. They are killing walleye!
3/31/2023 8:58:54 AM
Is this the state killing the walleye?
3/31/2023 9:09:58 AM
The usual response I get is that they are targeting Northern Pike but nets are indiscriminate. I really hate to see this during the walleye spawn
Bay wolf
3/31/2023 9:32:55 AM
Same thing is happening everywhere. Just going to get worse now with the Governor's deeper involvement in the commission appointments. Was what was supposed to be an independent commission with oversight of WDFW has now turned into another tool in the never ending drive to increase commercial fishing and reduce sport fishing. And yes, 90% of tribal fishing is "for profit". Washington state could be a premier sport fishing destination, but it has been turned into a commercial, for profit kill zone managed to take every possible fish until the stock collapse.
3/31/2023 2:23:55 PM
Make em pay tansplant a spiny ray ...
3/31/2023 8:35:50 PM
That I would never do, I don’t want to make the situation worse
4/1/2023 2:37:37 PM
JW, sounds like challenging conditions... Atleast you caught a few fish and thank you for the report and the pictures. Sounds like the Columbia may have more merit for a bit.
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