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Cascade Lake Report
San Juan County, WA



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We are late getting on the Lake, but nonetheless, made it for 2023. (We actually tried to go a week ago, but the wind and waves on the lake were much worse than conditions "in town" We trailered to the lake, stood there at the ramp and decided that wasn't how we wanted to start 2023 fishing.) Great to go midweek yesterday. Only one other fisherman on the lake with us.

We fished only 11-2 but felt we scored plus had time for a hot dog and potato salad lunch. 68 degrees air temp, mostly sunny, 61 water temp and little wind. When the wind stopped it actually got too warm so we were grateful for the breeze.

Ken had a fish on within ten minutes and boated a small trout. The action maintained steady all afternoon. We stayed on the trout troll and someone was always having a strike. I must have been rusty as I lost at least six that didn't button up. I wasn't asleep either. The back of the boat was glad I was in the front of the boat as they said I was stinking pretty bad. But eventually the skunking wore off and I had a nice trout aboard.

By the end of the trip K caught and released 6. I had 5 trout and 1 small bass. P. was king of the lake with 12 total (8 trout including a great 15.5 incher) and 4 bass. One lovely momma was ready to pop so we carefully returned her to her nest. It was perfect day and great start to our season.


5/14/2023 6:05:22 PM
Hi again! Yay a new report from you folks!, I’ll be up next week for lingcod and want to fish Cascade too. Hope to see you on the lake
5/18/2023 12:49:52 PM
I haven't fished ling since we sold out ocean boat. Catch one and think of us.

Are you fishing trout or bass at Cascade?

5/14/2023 6:05:24 PM
5/18/2023 12:58:39 PM
Trout. How big is the boat you use at the lake?
5/20/2023 5:21:45 PM
16.5 Lund with two trolling motors. Did you make it 5/20? We eyed everyone wondering if it was you.
5/21/2023 11:44:50 AM
I didn’t.I’ll be up on the 4th, want try for ilng cod?
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