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Hit the Edmonds oil docks and all 3 of us got our limits with the largest being 8 lbs . Gibbs #4 Bon Chovy spoon did the work!!!


9/4/2023 5:58:49 PM
It appears you have a small chinook in the mix, and the fishery for chinook has been closed for some time now.
9/4/2023 7:21:02 PM
I second the chinook, is what it is just letting you know.
9/5/2023 7:19:16 AM
It’s a bright pink. Look at the tail. Tarheel knows his *hit.
9/5/2023 8:09:58 AM
Funny how people who haven’t posted anything to help other anglers like to criticize others that do hmmmmm
9/5/2023 9:53:42 AM
Not criticizing, just trying to help. Looks like a chinook to me, head says chinook, tail says chinook, and it appears to be fin clipped.
9/5/2023 6:09:18 PM
It has nothing to do with how many posts one has made or hasn't. It has every thing to do with educating our fraternity of fellow fisherman so they can properly ID the different salmon species, so they can make a proper harvest, and be good stewards of this resource that we all enjoy so much.
9/5/2023 8:09:49 PM
Well I’m glad we have a monitor who doesn’t post a thing to actually help others but will scour others posts for something to complain about!!!!
Speedbird 48
9/10/2023 12:10:06 PM
I've made some posts, (None recently since I noticed a trend between good reports and my favorite fishing spots getting crowded) let me chime in: That is obviously an undersized hatchery Chinook and if you had some humility you would realize it too. Pinks always ALWAYS have OVAL spots on their tail and back, this fish clearly has round spots. Additionally, pinks have white gumlines like coho, not black ones. Pinks have MUCH smaller scales than all the other species. The Chinook is sitting right next to the pinks, and you can see clear as day how big the scales are. Finally, there has never been fin clipped pinks, anywhere, ever. Pink fry are far too small to safely clip their adipose fins when they are released.

If you somehow STILL don't believe us, put one of the actual pinks on the frying pan with the Chinook and take a bite of both. I think you will realize that you made a mistake and hopefully, learn from it.
9/8/2023 8:26:56 AM
Come on Tar Heel u know better. Don't think I've ever seen a hatchery pink. Pretty easy for wdfw to light you up. Use your head
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