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Potholes Lake Report
Grant County, WA



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Went with Glenn and another buddy to Potholes. I gave the day a 4 because of the number of bluegills we caught. We started off throwing jigging raps and jigs for eyes but the bite was pretty slow so decided to concentrate more on bluegills. We found several of the fish boxes that were holding schools of gills. About mid-morning we tried trolling the face of the dunes for eyes but after 2 hours and only 2 eyes we went back to catching gills. We ended up catching 14 eyes and a 5 gallon bucket full of gills. A few largemouth, crappies, and bullheads were also caught.


10/23/2023 10:22:51 AM
Is the lake still full of blue-green algae like it was 2 weeks ago? I noticed some locations that the danger was not posted, but it was thick and posted at the state park.
10/23/2023 5:46:44 PM
Griz yes the water is still full of algae
10/26/2023 7:42:56 AM
Darn nice Circle Fish Mark. I've always been a big fan of panfish and those Bgills are beauts!
10/26/2023 5:18:12 PM
Thanks for the report. I always like your reports even though they're from locations I likely wont visit (or rarely).

This platform has degraded drastically with the B.S. adds. MIKE!!! For F-sakes - Montana can't be that expensive...... Oh, right, it can.

Anyway, thanks again WalleyeMark!
10/26/2023 6:22:05 PM
I thought the whole point of this website was to share information on our fishing experiences. My buddies and I run into a lot of people who are trying places like Lake Roosevelt and Potholes for the first time. They often struggle to catch even one walleye. There have been many times where Glenn and/or, I have talked to people on the water or at the ramp who never had a bite. We've described where we were and exactly what we were using. We have even given them the exact bates we were using. I've even given away walleye fillets to people who had no luck. We're just trying to help other folks who are new to walleye fishing have some success. Most of them only get out a couple of times every year and it benefits the sport when your average fisherman has some success. That's also the way we grow future fisherman.
10/28/2023 4:09:44 PM
Great report Mark. I always appreciate the information and advice in your reports. We see you all the time on the arm. About two months ago you and a friend shared that you had tried every color jigging rap you had and suggested we try purple. A few weeks ago we were in the same location and ran into a couple of guys that were new to the area and having no luck landing eyes. We told them what we were doing and have them each a couple of the drop shot rigs we were using and they started boating some eyes. It’s nice when we can help people enjoy fishing.
We’ve never fished potholes, but thanks to your reports we’re making plans to give it a try.
10/31/2023 8:58:20 AM
You seem like a kind fella but helping someone out at the launch is way different than blasting attention across the internet constantly.
“We’ve never fished potholes, but thanks to your reports we’re making plans to give it a try”?? my point.
Red Ranger
10/27/2023 7:51:00 PM
Been lurking for a couple years and appreciate your reports! Was actually in the hole below you when you plucked that osprey out of the water at Rufus a couple years ago. Hopefully run into you at a launch one of these days. Tight lines and keep up the great reports!
10/27/2023 7:53:29 PM
Red. Not sure it survived but we at least gave it a chance. I fish all winter so maybe I will see you out there
Red Ranger
10/28/2023 8:07:30 AM
We usually fish out of keller or Lincoln all winter as well. Been trying to fish a little more up river but it's quite the drive from yakima. Hopefully see you on the water one of these days.
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