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December 2018

When winter steelhead run, the main thing is to keep your lure in the strike zone as long as possible, as many times as possible so that sooner or later, you will hook a chrome fish. The past two seasons, I learned to bead fish with good results. It has been common for me to find fish while nearby anglers go fish-less. The difference is “The Slide Technique” by which I mean using a THILL TURBO M...[more]

When salmon and steelhead closures seem to be more the norm than the exception, anglers can be forgiven for thinking their favorite pastime is in its terminal gasps. With opportunities seemingly closing left and right, it’s easy to get despondent at times like these. If you’re feeling that way too then perhaps it’s time to take a break from “big game” fishing and return to your roots. Remember whe...[more]

Here is a great way to store your larger baits without dumping a load of cash on one of those fancy Musky tackle boxes. This size of box if you were to go out and buy it would be well over 100 bucks. All you need for this is a Portable File storage box and 2 sheets of foam board. I got my File box from Staples for just over 6 bucks (you can find them at Wally world as well), and the 2 ...[more]

Deciding on the best time to load up your fishing gear and hit the water is a big decision for many anglers. You don’t want to spend hours trying to get a bite when the fish are not actively feeding; you want to go when you’re most likely to catch fish. There are a variety of factors that will influence the behavior of your target fish, and there aren’t many hard-and-fast rules regarding the ...[more]

I can remember it was August 11th when a co-worker took me out on Puget Sound. I caught my first salmon in the salt after moving to the Tacoma area over 20 years ago now. For some reason that date stuck in my mind. We fished out in front of Gig Harbor where I caught a 10-pound Chinook after chasing Coho near Pt. Evan’s by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Those are the only details I remember but it suff...[more]

November 2018

When most people think of November they see Thanksgiving, Turkey, Football, and all the family events that surround the beginning of the Holiday Season. So, while most are decorating houses with fall spirit and making their Thanksgiving day plans, our minds become solely focused on the big, brawling, summer Steelhead that call Idaho’s Clearwater River home. Idaho’s Clearwater River is a special...[more]

A simple as a piece of yarn can help you improve your fishing. Not knowing exactly sure who or how someone thought about adding something so simple to their hook came about but “yarnies” are a very effective fishing lure. Of course being anglers we can take something so simple and make it very confusing and convoluted; so here is the lowdown on using a piece of yarn to catch more fish. Before y...[more]

If you haven’t had your fill of fall fishing you might want to check out one of the ponds or lakes in Central Washington. While many lakes around the state are now closed to fishing, virtually all of the lakes in Yakima and Kittitas County are still open for fishing. And, while most have not received any newly stocked trout, most still have a few fish swimming around in them, and this time of yea...[more]

This time of year is one of my favorites for catching some giant brown footballs, and one of my favorite baits to use is the Spinnerbait. But I think too many anglers are missing out on this opportunity. Like many of the smallmouth pros, I realized that most fishermen overlook the obvious, a smallmouth isn't a largemouth. They mistakenly view the smallmouth as simply a color variation of the large...[more]

Anglers know fishing has its seasons. We follow various fisheries, enjoying certain times of year for one type of fishing, looking forward to other opportunities with the progression of the year. Springtime trout and walleye transition to springer fishing, transitioning to summer chinook, fall coho, and so it goes. The changing of the leaves to bright reds and oranges signals for me a traditi...[more]

October 2018

This year I had the opportunity to attend Fish Camp up on the Columbia River. Fish Camp is a media event where several media types are invited from around the country. The event takes place at Peach Beach Camp Park in Goldendale Washington along the famed Columbia River. The goal every year is to get up and spend some time with a variety of media folks and talk about and demo new products while...[more]

I’m cheap. Well, OK, maybe I’m being too harsh. I’m – frugal. Especially when it comes to things I can do myself for a fraction of the cost of buying it. When it comes to fishing I like to save money on items I can make in order to spend the money on things I can’t. With that in mind, I present to you several fishing items that I make rather than buy. Bottomfish Lures Anyone that bottom...[more]