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Northwestern Outdoors features writer and radio personality John Kruse.
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Promise Keeper Spinner
I decided to try something a little different fishing this spring. Usually, I’ll use a wide variety of lures to catch trout and bass from the lakes I visit from April into June but this year I decided to use one “Go-To” lure. My choice, the Mack’s Lure Promise Keeper® Spinner. It’s long been a favorite of mine fishing alpine lakes in the Cascade Mountains during the summer months. The slim profile allows me to cast it further than similar sized spinners and the Smile Blade® spins at very slow s...
Category: Tackle  Date: 7/26/2016  Author: John Kruse
It's Humpy Time!
Call them pinks, humpies, or just plain fun to catch - but if you aren't fishing Puget Sound or tributaries like the Duwamish, Green, Puyallup, Skagit, Snohomish or Skykomish Rivers this month (September) for some of the 5.1 million pink salmon projected to return this year you are missing out!!!How do you catch these fish, which typically weigh 3 to 5 pounds? We'll, start off with a seven to eight and a half foot rod and put 8 to 12 pound test on your spinning reel. From there, here's a...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 8/31/2009  Author: John Kruse
Cost Cutting at Washington State Parks
Cost cutting moves are rapidly becoming bloody amputations at the Washington State Parks Commission. The Parks Commission, like other state agencies, was told by Governor Chris Gregoire to reduce their budget by 23 percent this year. They had already come up with a 10 percent reduction from the 100 million dollars budgeted last year that will result in the closure (or transfer of ownership) of 13 some parks and mothballing of others. Along with this come a significant number of layoffs and a...
Category: General  Date: 3/29/2009  Author: John Kruse
It's Sportsmen Show Season!
Looking for something to do now that the holiday season is over? Fortunately, another established season follows on the heels of the holidays, and that would be…Sportsmen Show Season. Every year between January and March you can spend a few hours getting some ideas on where to go for your next outdoors adventure, learning some new skills, socializing with other outdoors enthusiasts, and perhaps even get a great deal on some outdoors merchandise. This can be anything from a fishing lure t...
Category: General  Date: 1/10/2009  Author: John Kruse
Central Washington Hotspots
There are a number of waters to explore in Central Washington if you have trout or steelhead on the brain. I got the opportunity to speak with Jeremy Kendall, the owner of Central Fly Fishing ( in Wenatchee last night who gave me a run down on what's hot - and what's not - in Central Washington: The Methow River: Fishing for summer steelhead may not be as easy as it was a few years ago, but there are still fish from 4 to 12 pounds to be found in this beautiful st...
Category: General  Date: 11/4/2008  Author: John Kruse
Fall Fishing on the Klickitat
It may not garner the press that other fishing streams in Washington get, but South Central Washington’s Klickitat River is well worth the journey this fall if you are a salmon or steelhead angler. Editor Mike Carey and I got the opportunity to fish this scenic stream while attending Fish Camp this week, an annual event put on by Dalles, Oregon walleye guide Ed Iman for outdoors writers, guides, and others associated with the sport fishing industry. If you haven’t bee...
Category: Rivers  Date: 9/15/2008  Author: John Kruse
Lake Wenatchee Sockeye Fishing!
It's sockeye time at Lake Wenatchee! Thanks to a huge return of these fine tasting fish (the largest run in some 50 years), sockeye salmon fishing was opened on Lake Wenatchee for the first time in 4 years on August 6th. Early reports are very good from happy anglers who are reporting quick two fish limits of salmon ranging from 3 to 6 pounds. The fishery is becoming perhaps a bit too popular for its own good. There are only two public places to launch a boat (Lake Wenatchee State Park a...
Category: Lakes  Date: 8/9/2008  Author: John Kruse
Fishing the Entiat Mountains
If you are looking for an alpine lake or small stream angling experience away from the crowds head over to North Central Washington. The often overlooked lakes and streams of the Entiat Mountains between Lake Wenatchee and the Entiat River provide good fishing in a wilderness setting for a variety of outdoors enthusiasts. I have been able to explore this area on horseback with Icicle Outfitters out of Entiat the last two summers and have come to love many aspects of this scenic area. For...
Category: Trout  Date: 6/20/2008  Author: John Kruse
Yakima River Trout Rising
Late March through mid-April brings green hills, warm temperatures and rising trout on the Upper Yakima River. Managed as Washington’s only “Blue Ribbon” trout fishery, the 70 miles of the upper Yakima between Easton and the Roza Dam south of Ellensburg draws fly anglers from all over the Northwest who cast to rainbow and cutthroat trout that average 10 to 13 inches and go as big as two feet long. Local guide Jack Mitchell of the Evening Hatch Guide Service says, “April is the spawning se...
Category: Trout  Date: 3/25/2008  Author: John Kruse
Five Good Bets for Central Washington Fishing
There are a lot of anglers who put their rods up in the fall and don’t take them out again until spring. It’s a shame really, because there is plenty of good fishing to be had in chilly Central Washington. Here’s a run down of some good bets to consider this winter: 1. Yakima River Trout – Catch and release fishing is good all year long from Roza Dam to Cle Elum on the state’s only Blue Ribbon Trout Stream. Cast flies or small spinners (selective regulations are in effect) for solid rai...
Category: General  Date: 1/5/2008  Author: John Kruse
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