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Choosing the Right Worm
Bass like different worms at different times under different circumstances… I think it’s safe to say that if I were to spread out all the plastic worms I own today, they would cover the floor of my backroom office, three layers deep. I have finesse two and three-inch worms all the way up to eleven and a half inch giants and ever one of them has caught bass at one time or another. And the colors, why I could make a rainbow blush with envy at the gambit of colors I posses. But the biggest dif...
Category: Bass  Date: 8/8/2011  Author: Bruce Middleton
Compliment a Texas rig by using a Carolina rig to catch more bass… When you’re out bass fishing, the whole idea is to get your bait or lure right in front of the bass and to cover as much water as possible to get that bait in front of as many bass as possible. If you were in 1 to 10 feet of water a spinner bait or jig would be great choices of lures to start with. If you were in 10 to 15 feet of water a deep diving crank bait would be a good choice of lure to start with. But if you are in...
Category: Bass  Date: 7/3/2011  Author: Bruce Middleton
Bass Habitat and Management
The terms fishing and habitat management when applied to bass fishing is centered around habitat, food, genetics and harvesting. Habitat is everything from the water bass live in, its temperature, ph, vegetation, food and anything else that is needed by the bass to survive found in the water. This includes reproduction, places to hide in, and places to find food and places to protect itself from harm or from other predators both in the water and above it. Bass management also refers to th...
Category: Bass  Date: 5/10/2011  Author: Bruce Middleton
Bass Fishing Requires Intuition and Knowledge
Know your adversary and you can catch him…The successful fisherman is the one who familiarizes himself with the ways of fish. He who studies out and observes the peculiar traits, habits and haunts of the fish he sets out to catch. Who acquaints himself with facts as to their sense of sight, smell and hearing, their mode of existence, foods likes, seasonal movements, etc. Thus qualifying himself to better understand them, so as to take advantage of their weaknesses, avoid their ready percept...
Category: Bass  Date: 4/26/2011  Author: Bruce Middleton
Spring Rains Bring Flooded Bass Waters
Excess rain can muddy the water and make fishing difficult… In the spring when the lakes get a lot of extra rain, and are already full from rains over the long winter and the water levels are way up if not overflowing or even flooding, it can really turn the water conditions muddy. Between the muddy water and all the cold fronts moving in and out of the area, it makes bass fishing a challenging sport but you have to cover a lot of water at this time anyway, so in that respect it’s not too m...
Category: Bass  Date: 2/15/2011  Author: Bruce Middleton
Attend to the Details
Attention to the details can pay off big time in the game of fishing… Strict attention to such details like ultra sharp hooks, the correct way to rig a bait, the right way to hang a trailer hook, tie a good knot or adjusting a crank bait eye so it runs true will make the difference between catching a few bass and catching more and bigger bass. If you were to look at any professional bass fisherman’s boat and tackle, you would find pretty much the same thing. A large stable, fast moving boat...
Category: Bass  Date: 9/28/2010  Author: Bruce Middleton
Gitzits Are Not a Teenage Complexion Problem
Tubes and to some degree creature baits were once called gitzits… I’ve often wondered how the name Gitzits came about. It’s a long ways away from tube bait, grub and creature bait stamped on the covers of the packages of today’s products. It’s one of those little life’s mysteries I’ll file away somewhere and solve it one of these days. But according to a resent survey, a Carolina rigged creature plastic is the #1 pro plastic bait, weightless worms are the pros most used top water lure and t...
Category: Bass  Date: 5/24/2010  Author: Bruce Middleton
Lure Choices, the Why and Where Fore's
Why we choice the lures we do…When it comes to choosing the right lure for the right time, the right situation and the right conditions for that set of circumstances you are in at that moment on a lake you’re at, you have to take in a lot of details. Probably one of the most important details other than depth is what the bass like to eat and what is available at that time of year in that lake you’re fishing. Now in most places the shad and its smaller cousin the threadfin would be the two s...
Category: Bass  Date: 3/8/2010  Author: Bruce Middleton
Understanding Plastic Tubes
A workshop on understanding and using plastic tube baits…Normally tube baits are not search lures, they don’t cover a lot of area in a short time and they don’t dive to different depths. We use them to get into every nook and cranny in cover a bass might hide in. They are made to dissect small parts of a stump field or a weed bed and they are especially good at catching large mouth bass that hide in really nasty weed choked shallows, under docks and on spawning flats. But they can be hooked...
Category: Bass  Date: 1/4/2010  Author: Bruce Middleton
Realistic Baits and Lures
Choose lures and baits according to what lives in the lake you’re fishing… When it comes to choosing realistic looking baits or lures to catch a bass on, you need to know several things. Mostly you need to know what is on the bass’s menu in any given lake that you are going to fish so as to aid you in your choice of lures. This means you need to know what kind of fish inhabit the lake with the bass as well as the creatures that live on the lake bottom. Not all lakes are alike. You also need...
Category: Bass  Date: 11/2/2009  Author: Bruce Middleton
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