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18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence Fishing Report
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Launched my Tracker solo at 0600 out of Ft Spokane and went up the Arm to the first island on the left. I caught 6 or so on a silver blade bait in 29 to 32 FOW. They were hanging on an edge and I just let the current push me down river as I moved left and right to stay at that depth. Next I went further upriver to the second island on the right and here a black jig head with a chartreuse grub worked the best. The eyes were up on the point at the upriver end of the island in 25 to 40 FOW. After half a dozen eyes I went down river to casino flats and worked an edge in 41 to 43 FOW and picked up 4 or 5 more eyes. I had a lot of hits from little dinks but they were too small to get a hook into with the jigs I was dragging down current. A chartreuse jig head with a pumpkin chartreuse tail senko got me the most bites. I once again went back upriver to the islands to see if I could find some bigger fish. There are large chunks of ice coming down river so be careful if you head further up the Arm. I did see some ice sheets still clinging to the shore line in bays upriver from the islands. All told I caught at least 30 eyes but only caught 9 of any size one of which was 26 inches and 5.5 lbs. that I released. I also caught one very chunky smallie on a jig. Water temp up the Arm was 38 to 39 degrees and pretty stained with all of the runoff we've been having.

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#1 buc says:
March 14, 2017 11:26 AM
open all the way to porkie last week only boat on water,docks completely out of water. caught all of are fish @ gas dock.
#2 Kfedka says:
March 15, 2017 10:35 PM
How is the water clarity in the arm?
#3 CCTMark says:
March 17, 2017 07:27 AM
Kfedka: Last weekend the visibility was about 2 feet, I would imagine it will be lower this weekend due to all of the rain and runoff.
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