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Merwin (Cowlitz County) Fishing Report
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Luckily we heard about the landslide blocking access to Speelyai ahead of time and took a detour through Amboy. Sounds like it will be a while before the road will be cleared. Had lines in the water by 8:30 am in dense fog. Water is murky with lots more debris than last week. Water temp 39-41. Ended up with 11 keepers, released 4 babies and probably lost 10 others. Found a school right at the bend heading towards the dam. Fish are still on the surface and were jumping. Long lined 150-160 back with no weight. Played around with the downrigger at various deeper depths but no strikes. Haven't caught a Pikeminnow in 2 trips this year. Fishing was good not great but gave it a 4/5 because when the fog blew off the weather was fantastic. Lots more boats out enjoying some much needed vitamin D. Bright colored dodgers and hand tied wedding rings.

Make sure to allow for extra travel time and tight lines!

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#1 Fishhookbro says:
March 17, 2017 07:42 PM
Thanks for the report! Hopefully the road will open soon so I can get up there. I will post a report when I get up there.
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