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Beaver (King County) Fishing Report
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Lots and lots of anglers and as far as we saw/heard, it was just a bad day fir everybody, at least until we left. We spent about 4 hours there and got nothing, not even a bite.
But it happens... the main problem wasn't with the fish (or lack of), but with some other anglers.
Most people there were nice, but some were just annoying:
- a guy fishing from shore listening to his favorite songs on a loud speaker;
- this same guy complained that our line was too close to his (it wasn't). Dude, there were lots of people there, share the freaking space... without your music;
- guys on boats and kayaks stopping at easy casting distance in front of shore anglers. There is just a small piece of shore to share, while those guys have the whole lake to go... or at least keep better distance to allow shore anglers to have fun;
- the last drop was this guy who came later and kept crossing his line with my son's. I get that he was a beginner (he kept slamming his bait onto the water a few feet in front of him), but we took our stuff away and gave him enough space, but he just kept crossing it.

I hope next time we have better luck... on both aspects.

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#1 BentRod says:
March 20, 2017 09:08 AM
The down side of limited fishing space. Good job getting your son out. Even if it was frustrating to you, I'm sure your son enjoyed it!
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