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Name: SkunkFish Date: August 25, 2012 Rating:
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Hiked in approx. Four miles. It was hot. I am out of shape. Took two hours 45 minuts. Got there at 12:15pm. Lake edges are very marshy, making it hard to fish from shore. Had to go about half way around lake to find a so, so spot to cast from. Rigged an adjustable bobber set at five feet and just a hook and worm. Caught a eight inch Brook trout first cast. Nice colors. Over the next two hours caught four more six inches. They where jumping for flies the hole time I was there, and the flies were biting me. Bring bug spray. All in all a good afternoon. Took me two hours 15 minutes to hike back out. I was hiking because the gate was locked at the lower snow park.

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