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Rufus Woods Lake Report
Douglas County, WA



Bottom Fishing From Shore
Rainbow Trout
Power Bait
Hook & Bait

Fun but slow day with my kid at Rufus Woods. With a normal morning bite.
As for bait we where using Chartreuse Power Eggs(2) up on the line just touching the eye of the hook (we use size 4 barbless). Then on the main hook we use either Fl. Red Nuggets or Just the dough bait type.
Line size is your preference but we use 10 lb main line (lots of ricks and debrie where we fish there) and 6 lb or 8 lb leader of about 2 ft to 3 ft long and just a simple setup of egg (slip) sinker on main line then swivel then leader.
Some guys fish fairly close to shore but we get out as far as we can. Seems people who fish in closer are averaging fish in the 1 lb range while we average about 3lb. I don't know if its just me but seems the bigger fish hang out deeper.
Oh and for those who are told you can't catch the big triploids from shore I will attach a picture of my buddys 16.5 lb one from last winter.
Anyone want to fish from shore and see how I do it feel free to PM me and maybe we can hook up and have some fun.

Story for anyone who didn't read it where I posted before.

Took her bank fishing at Rufus Woods today(I go every weekend but buddy couldn't make it so took my favorite fishing partner).

Anyhow got there WAY early but lots of time to set up and drink coffee and coco before light by the fire.

Well comes daylight and decide today with her we will just bottomfish with powerbait(figuring maybe if lucky catch our limits and them home for the smoker). I know may get flamed for fishing like that but hey its a good way for her to have some fun.

Couple hours go by and she gets a nice hit I help her set the hook and coach her on how to reel it in. Well she dropped the rid tip and n the rocks the fish goes. I think dang so I help try getting it out and in process I break her off. I rerig and help her cast back out.

Couple hours later (real slow even for guys in the boats from what I saw)( we were by the barrels fishing btw). and she gets another hit, so again I help her set the hook but this time she keeps the rod tip up and fights it well. She pulls it to the bank so I can grab it and I walk up the bank and lay it on the table.

I notice something odd, I look in the fishes mouth and see her hook and I look up the line and there's another line tangle partially with hers then i see two swivels so I look back down the line in the other corner of the mouth is a familiar hook I was like NO WAY she had hooked the same fish again this time of course successful. I tell her and she is like Dad I am just good aren't I ; I high five and hug her.

I know this happens from time to time but I have never seen it at Rufus as the fish on the lower end move around quite a bit.
So I am a proud dad.

As for me LOL I had a hit in her hole and was busy packing up tackle etc and in the rocks it went. Oh well she deserves a good day. Last spring was and eight pounder now a three.

She doesn't fish often but not to bad for a ten year old girl IMHO.


blufin loui
12/8/2008 6:26:00 AM
Hello Malottguy
Good report, and YES, there are monster tripps caught and landed from shore at RW. If a person doesn't have access to a boat, or don't want to put the boat in the water, fishing from shore is a very productive way to go. It's way cool that you take your "favorite fishing partner" out with you. More of that needs to be going on in our fishing world, keep it up man. When she is all grown up you two will have priceless memories.
Keep fishin and sending in reports
12/8/2008 7:35:00 AM
those are some nice lookin trout
12/9/2008 12:34:00 PM
I do not have a winter boat, can you point out a feew places I can take my 12 yr old son (he loves to fish and usually has more luck than me) and fish from shore. We are thinking of a trip this weekend. Any pointers on the pole setup would be helpful. BK
12/9/2008 12:56:00 PM
Bgraves as for setup a simple trout rod usually works just fine. I use heavier line(10lb) when bottom fishing just because of rocks and old trees etc.
As for places to fish depends if you have a Tribal license you can go up to the pens and fish from shore. I do not have a tribal license and fish in the little park area near the corps launch. Lots of room normally to fish.
Shoot me a PM and I can help set you up as to how I do it and where I fish from on shore.
12/13/2008 11:55:00 AM
nice fsh man the rating only gets a three.....wow fsh tht size deserve bigger rating nice fsh.......
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Available Fishing Guide:
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Phone: (509) 492-8852