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Bottom Fishing From Boat
Largemouth Bass

Yep, they sprayed the pads alright! Makes you scratch your head??

Started out fishing pads and pad edges with frogs, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, and floating rapala's, not a bump, didn't even spook one!

Fished all the docks and only caught one dink. While motoring across the lake I noticed the thermocline was setting up between 18-22 feet, so out came the deep diving crankbaits, texas rigged worms, and 1/2oz jigs. I worked drop offs right in that range, and a couple humps in that range as well, still nothing.

I was going to bail but decided to fish the piling point one more time before taking off. I cut off the floating rapala and tied on a carolina rig with a 7" Power Worm in green pumpkin on about a 2 foot leader.

I positioned the boat in 20' and casted up into the pilings (apprx 12'), let it sink and would sweep the rod tip back level about 2'. I felt a fish pick it up so I reeled down and set the hook...it was a good one in the middle of the pilings and I only had 8lb test on that rod!! I didn't want to force him and snap him off and he came unhooked! (better that than him swimming around with a hook and worm in his face) I switched that rig over to a casting rod with 20lb test so I could wrestle them out of the pilings! I casted back in and caught a 4lber!

I circled this area 5 times!! It was an area about 30 feet by 30 feet, I hooked four more but lost them all....hook was sharp....line was good, I think I was just waiting a shade too long to pop them.

I did move around the lake trying the same technique in other areas but couldn't repeat the results?

Gonna try and post the pic, but I am at work, and it may not work??


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Available Guide

Available Fishing Guide:
Website: Steel Dreams Guide Service

Phone: (509) 869-9694