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Riffe Lake Report
Lewis County, WA



Used my usual crawdad jig with smelly crawfish attractant, like the previous two weeks told my friend we would limit out in two hours. Shouldn't have done that, jinxied ourselves. At first dropped the craws down to the same depth and started to get taps, well before they were not tapping it, it was wham and they were on, this week tap tap tap, thought ok just leave jig in, do not set hook theywill eventually eat it but for the rest of the time there it was tap tap tap only boated one, ended up letting him go as I forgot my fillet knife, his lucky day. We did talk to the people fishing off the bridge and they were just slaying them, on schrimp and worms, it was constant as we looked at the bridge the fisherman or women were bringing them up every second. I was disappointed in my jig, bragging that we were going to catch em and did not really do that. I think the level of the lake being raised to level I never seen in all my years fishing there so high it has spread the fish out so much more water, plus the dirty river water coming under the bridge was not there and the water was really clearing up. Bait was what the fish wanted that day, I'm not giving up on the jig, just have to figure out how they want it and that next time I'll also bring schrimp and worms to cover my bases if the jig bite is not on. Hope this helps you'll fisher people catch em, Tight lines people and Please Don't Litter! Leave it like you came to it and pick some up even if it is not yours maybe someone else will see you do that and do the same so it helps even though it does not seem like much, every little bit helps! God Bless America!


6/26/2010 10:13:00 PM
Thanks for the report. Where is this bridge? I tried to find it on Google maps, but I couldnt locate it.
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