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Campbell Lake Report
Skagit County, WA


Largemouth Bass

Hit the lake as the sun was coming up to look for the fabled largemouth bass... Fished around the island with jig and pig and slow rolling a spinner. no joy. Went around the bank on the highway 20 side tossing everything I could think of, Popper, spinner, jig and pig, texas rig craw, I even tried rattle traps. Nothing was going to find bass so I spotted some trout popping the top of the water.

I tossed a rooster tail into them and landed about six 8 to 11 inch trout. Not what I was looking for but it turned out a ok day. I left about 1pm due to weather and chill...

Its a great lake and I have spoken to to a very reliable source who says there ARE bass in the lake. So I will continue to search for them. I think I have tossed a line at every type of bass cover and structure I could. I have been trying this lake for a long time for bass and still no joy. But now after this winter I have had a lot of time to search for good spots and think I will be good come spring.

I'll be sure to post on here when I finally get my intended fish.. Or figure out anything else.


3/5/2013 2:19:00 PM
If you're slow rolling a spinner, then you are fishing too fast, usually.

Try throwing a jig and pig, letting it sit there for 1 minute, then just drag it slowly for a couple feet, then let it sit for 1/2 minute. That'll make that cast last about 5 minutes, or longer. Try that now and then as well as a jerkbait or crankbait with LOOOONG pauses between reeling it in, do your best to use a suspending jerkbait or suspending crankbait. Reel it for 2 feet, LOOOONG pause, reel it in for 2 feet, etc. Same with a spinner, let it sit on the bottom for 1/2 minute, reel it in for 2 feet, let it sit 1/2 minute, reel it in, etc.

Same with Carolina rig, and dropshot rig, etc. Lots of times it is the START of a retrieve from the lure sitting for awhile that makes the fish bite, that's when I got the bite the other week, right after starting to reel in the dropshot.

You can also find a good spot and verticle jig with a blade/spoon or Little George type lures.

Campbell is supposed to be good.
3/5/2013 2:39:00 PM
i was going slow man, I mean smoke an entire cig in one cast.. I appreciate the tip though I didn't try that with a jerk bait because I didn't have a suspending one. I was jig and pigging by tossing it out there waiting till it hit the bottom, long pause jiggle it, pause drag about a foot, repeat. I will try it with the spinner and have a few suspending jerkbaits in the mail. Thanks again.
3/5/2013 2:54:00 PM
Is that the lake that has a map in WaLakes lake map section? If so it's only 10 foot deep with a small area that is 15 foot deep. A lake that shallow and slightly sloping bottom is very hard to fish in the winter as there is no 'deep water' that MIGHT be warmer than the surface. So go to the 15 depth area and work around it to the underwater hump, then the southeast shoreline where it's barely a little steeper, then the north shoreline where it's barely steeper. ANYTHING on the bottom like a log or rocks should hold fish, expecialy rocks and gravel.

3/5/2013 2:58:00 PM
that map is a little off.. There are two 20-25 foot holes and the only thing on the bottom is weeds, lily pads and trees along the edges. The majority of the lake is between 8 and 11 but there are two deeper holes. That map is a little old I guess. Thanks again.
3/12/2013 10:19:00 AM
There are LMB in that lake. 2 years ago we fished that in august and caught a bunch in the 1/2-1 1/2 lb range and a hand full over 3lbs. I tried fishing bass there just this past week. I threw jerk bait, carolina rigged and drop shot lizards, crawls, worms, and creature baits, and deep diving cranks. All in a slow presentation. No love, but Im waiting for late April for the pre-spawn move.
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