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Wapato Lake Report
Chelan County, WA


71° - 75°
Rainbow Trout
Floating Minnow
61° - 65°

Usually fish this lake with dad, during the general opener. This year we did not make it until Fathers day weekend. Arrived at the lake at 1:00pm, heavy winds, white caps, raining consistently. Parking lot was empty. I know what that means, fishing is tough!

We launch after a brief discussion whether the canvas top on the boat should be snapped into place, Dad voted no. So, I reluctantly left it rolled up. As heavily as it was raining, the ground was not wet, nor did we get wet. But the boat interior was most certainly soaked.

Fish were located at 20 to 33ft down, in 30 to 55ft of water. First fish took all of 5 minutes of trolling. Action was consistent, with many lost, some knocked off by the net, some came into the boat with the fish hanging by the hook on the outside of the net..........we laughed about it. Clearly, my Dad is showing his age. Many fish falling off the hook just after netting it.

Rain persisted until 5pm. When we had 8 trout in the boat. Dad still fished, while I through a fly on the fly rod. We fished this way for 45 minutes or so. Dad had 2 hard bites on eggs and marshmallows. Who might you ask uses that combination anymore. That would be dear ol' dad. He is old school. I use it to when that is working.

We began trolling again for the last two fish, completing our 2 person limit by 6:30pm.


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