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Beaver Lake Report
Skagit County, WA



51° - 55°
Largemouth Bass
Surface Lure
51° - 55°

Had to go out on opening day even though it was pissing rain and I went to a lake that's open all year anyways. But I like to avoid the crowds so I hit one of my favorite local lakes. Went straight to the other side by the shallow cove. Hit that whole area with spinnerbaits, Senkos, soft swimbaits and jig n pigs but to no avail. I moved my way along the far wall in and out of pads. I finally threw on the old Spro frog since I was getting no luck. First cast, popping her along pretty quickly through a big bed of pads and this nice 6lber blew it up right near the boat. Amazing how you can cast at a spot 10x with 10 different lures and then still pull a fish out on the first cast with the "magic ticket" lure. Anyways I fished for a while longer but it was a pretty miserable morning and my boat was starting to collect a worrisome amount of rain water so I called it a day and went home to warm up.

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4/27/2015 5:56:00 PM
Nice pig... I was there on Sunday for a few hours with nothing to show. The eagles were out and one of them picked up a small bass about 20 ft from my boat, pretty cool. At least they caught something. Way to stick out the rain
4/28/2015 12:45:00 PM
Man I tell you there was a show going on Saturday with the Eagles, there were 7 of them and a vulture circling about. I was fishing Mud Lake one time and had an eagle pull a 8lber right out of the pads pretty dam close to me. I was pissed but it was pretty awesome at the same time. This lake heats up pretty good for me usually come early summer. Hope to see you out there hog hunting some time.
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