Boren Lake (King County) Fishing Report

Spent the weekend fishing close to home at Lake Boren due to the weather.

Saturday if fished the morning hours 8:30 to 11:30 with nothing but a few "nibbles". Tried many baits....PB eggs, PB dough, Patz Green Label, Worms, and Marshmallows. I tried a pole on the bottom with worms, and top with a bobber...nothing.

Went back up today for the afternoon bite, 2:15 to 4:00 with some fresh smaller worms. Windy for Lake Boren as the wind was out of the north which gave me one option to fish the dock, which was casting to the South. Wind died down and the action picked up. Picked up a fish about 2:45 and another about 3:10. For some reason the action got pretty hot on my longer casting rod as I missed a few in a row. This rod was my Marshmellow Worm combo as they keep getting the marshmallows.

For this Lake this time of the year, it was a pretty good day. First fish was 10.5" (pictured) and the next felt much bigger but was only 1/2" longer at 11" but was fatter.

Funny thing was, when I cleaned the larger one and checked its stomach which was big and firm and I squeezed out this! See pic

Is this a common thing to see? Or are these fish having a hard time finding food?

One other oddball thing that I noticed and an hope that I can get a comment or two about. After I cashed my line out, I would tighten up my line to semi tight and I would then watch it tighten up even more (move the rod tip down about 1/2" and then go back to were I set it and do this over and over again and a few times go even slacker. I attempted to set the hook when it got tighter, just in case it was a bite, but nothing was never there and the tip never bounced me bit like a norm nibble. It did this all day long on the rod that had the high viz line on it. It acted like the current was taking it out slightly and then bringing it back in. Craziest thing to watch. Anyone have a clue? It did this with some wind and even when the wind died down.

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1/2/2017 12:51 PM
my person theory is that if you think of the weight sitting on bottom is the point where line is floating up in one direction(up to bait/to rod)and sinking from rod tip to weight so im kinda thinkin its a little tug of war going on between sinking lne and floating bait and wind intensifies it it.If that makes sense .just a theory
1/2/2017 12:55 PM
I didnt see a photo but I was watching a apparent hatch one day on star lake so i bobbered up caught a couple,when i gutted them they were fullof pine needles.It just so happens the lake was covered with pine needles floatin around.They must have enjoyed them they were stuffed
1/2/2017 6:24 PM
Posted the pics in today's report. Sorry I messed up posted them in this thread. Also, thanks for the comments and thoughts