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Roses Fishing Report

I was finally able to get away for a few hours today from work. I decided to go do some ice scouting at Roses Lake. When I pulled into the parking lot there were 2 nice guys standing there getting ready to check the ice. We made it out about 40 feet from the dock and did a test hole. Score! The ice was 7 inches thick.

I went to the truck and grabbed my items and came down to the lake. I decided to put my jig down the test hole and instantly had a nice 14 inch rainbow. I sat and jigged that hole and caught and released 17 rainbows. The majority of them were in the 13 inch range with the biggest being right around 17 inches.

Pretty fun outing for only having a few hours. I will be back out there this weekend with the kids.

I was using a Macks Sonic Baitfish. Didn't need to use any bait today.

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