Burke Lake (Grant County) Fishing Report

Headed over to E WA for some drier weather after the wetest most miserable Winter I've endured in my lifetime. LOL Dropped the boat in from a bank location, not from the ramp. Tried my regular dick night with no success so switched over to worm. Action was pretty slow but managed to catch 4 8"-10" trout and called it a day. These were not timid biters, if they bit, they stuck. Hauled the boat and gear back up to the van and cooked up the trout. That was it for me, I took a nap. ;) Owls, frogs and coyotes did a lot of talking that night. Nice to get back out there catching trout in E WA.

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4/16/2017 8:53 AM
My Son and I were fishing at Burke Lake week, April 6-9 Thursday to Sunday. The weather wasn't very Good Friday we actually got blown off the lake. Thursday was dead, the fish weren't hitting on anything. Saturday our last day out was almost a wash from 8-4, one got away but that was about it. Then we talked to another group that was with us and they were successful trolling using Wedding ring and mill worms. They limited by mid day" So my Son and I and another friend headed out using a spoon and gig. We trolled the North side of the lake, made our first pass from the lower end to the east side boat launch. As we turned around and started back down, I got a hit, for a moment I thought it was a Choho by the size of it, I got it in the boat and it measured 23.5", the biggest Trout I ever saw. Then my Son hit a couple 12", shortly after I pulled in my first one I got another hit, again an big fish on the line, this one measured 22.5". That made it all worth while. No tags on the fins, these may of been left over from the derby. I'll be back next year for sure.
4/16/2017 12:28 PM
I should use a wedding ring more often.... I suppose it's a mental block on my part because of the divorce! LMAO Awesome that you did well. Congrats! Those are big trout! I like heading over to E WA for a little better weather so I watch the forecast, I might have been a bit too picky this year which kept pushing the trip back.