Quincy Lake (Grant County) Fishing Report

The premium camping spots were taken Friday night along Quincy Lake so slept just down the road at Evergreen Reservoir. Bit of a late start but still morning, launched at the ramp. Trolled the length of the lake with out a single bite, figured I was losing my touch. Turned around to head back to the other end and picked up a fish, had my drag set light so even these little planters were able to take some line, that made it fun. Picked up a second at that end but no more would take my offering of worm or dick nite. Made my way back to the end with the ramp, with again, not a bite. Even zig zagging back and forth from one shore to the other and working across rises, just stubborn fish. Picked up another fish nearly at the ramp so spent a considerable amount of time on that end to pick up two more feisty trout for my limit. Amazing how out of shape I am these days, either that or the boat got a LOT heavier to get back on the van. ;)

An amazing number of birds were out, various kinds of ducks, some geese and some song birds. The night time was filled with the sounds of frogs, coyotes and owls. Wild flowers were in bloom so the kids and I enjoyed doing some walking while we were there.

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