Long Lake (Kitsap County) Fishing Report

Headed out to Long again this afternoon after stopping by Bass Pro Shop and getting some soft plastics and a couple mid-water jerkbaits and lipless crankbaits. Started out with a jig and a garlic scented baby craw trailer. Fished this for about an hour along docks and blowdowns with no success. Switched over to a rainbow trout colored sinking jerkbait, and caught the only fish of the day, a 10-12 inch largemouth. He was along a dock near some weedy cover. He actually almost snagged me up on some weed cover since he took the bait while it was suspended on slack line, however I was able to maneuver my pontoon into a position to work it free. Small fish, but promising, since I havent' gotten a single bite at this lake yet after 3 trips. Water is finally beginning to warm, and the fish are moving into the shallows during the heat of the day, around 1 in the afternoon. Look for rocky bottom with weeds nearby, as the rocks will heat up faster and the fish in these areas will be more actively feeding.

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4/17/2017 6:01 PM
try the north side of the lake towards the park, i'm already seeing beds in the flat to the left of the beach and across from there in the flat off the main lake point and have caught them off the bank to 6ft. to the south side of the lake, the direction of where you marked your hot spot, i'm finding them offshore in 6-10ft in submerged vegetation. ive graphed alot of long lake and have yet to find any rock bottom, its mostly mud with a few hard bottom spots. look to isolated patches of cover, laydowns and overhangs, thats where youll find the big girls. the docks are hammered daily and harder to catch quality fish, but my buddy boated a 5.8 the other day off a dock there, so, theyre still around. good luck