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Terrell Fishing Report

Fished sunset pond not terrell but its not a choice in the locations this little 40 x 40 puddle that is connected to the main lake via canal there where tons of blue gills and bass up very shallow caugh 5 or 6 10 to 12 inch lm in 1 and a half hours.

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4/18/2017 9:27 AM
I was thinking about going there last night but I couldn't decide if it would be worth it. Thanks for the report! I will make it out there this week and try to remember to let you know how I do. Did you throw spinners or Jigs? Or float some worms for bluegill?
4/18/2017 9:49 AM
3 in power works under a small indicator caught the bass. edit by a mod: I think you meant 3" power worms, correct.? :-)
4/19/2017 6:29 AM
Gave it a shot yesterday on my way out to coach a golf tourny, and didn't have any luck. I had about 45 minutes to throw some spinners and worms for bluegill, and senkos, jigs, and swimbait for bass. But I am sure they are around, in the one small pond on the West side of the pond I saw a frenzy of bluegill swimming around, I thought I might even snag one haha.